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Mar 16, 2021

Featured Student – Melissa M

Melissa M

Melissa has been a student at Bach to Rock since October 2019 – over two years! She is currently a private guitar student who is making tremendous progress each week. Melissa is the guitarist of "The Jammers", who won Most Original in our 2020 Battle of the Bands and Most Fun in our 2019 Battle of the Bands! She even performed at Bill Gray's Ice Plex!

Her band coach and private lesson instructor, Andrew, adds, "In lessons, Melissa displays hard work and drive. When confronted with difficult material, she never gives up! Her reaction is always to try again until she has mastered it. In band practice, Melissa's enthusiasm is contagious. Her positivity and encouraging words to her other bandmates contribute greatly to "The Jammers" success.

Melissa M