Mother-Son Team Create Success by
Helping Students Thrive
- Judy & Jake Shoulak, B2R Plymouth, MN, Owners
Busy Mom & School Owner's Secret is to
Stay Organized & Passionate
- Mengjia Chen, B2R San Diego, CA Owner
Helping Student Musicians Grow
& Evolve Their Talents
- Rick Schmidt, B2R Tampa, FL & Orlando, FL Owner
Setbacks Didn't Stop Their Dream of
Owning a Bach to Rock School
- Angela & Dave Hill, B2R Leawood, KS Owners
Building a Culture of Creativity,
Inspiration and Collaboration
- Marc & Lisa, B2R Denville, NJ Owners

A Different Kind of Music Education Franchise Opportunity

We run profitable music schools by scrapping what kids hate about music lessons and incorporating more of what they want. When kids picture playing an instrument, do you think they picture themselves playing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and learning classical Spanish guitar? Or do you think they see themselves jamming to their favorite music?

Bach to Rock is a unique national franchise offering lucrative franchise opportunities in one of the most underserved segments of the franchise industry: music education. Despite clear evidence that music education aids academic performance, music instruction in schools is dwindling, thereby increasing demand nationwide for private music instruction and presenting extensive franchise opportunities.

bach to rock music school staff

Bach to Rock is the Music School Kids Would Design for Themselves

Unlike traditional music instruction, we turn music into a team sport. Bach to Rock employs a unique approach to music education that allows children to explore the kinds of music they love and then play that music with other students in bands that perform in public spaces.

Students are much more motivated to learn when they’re playing the music they want to play surrounded by bandmates.

Picture being a seventh-grader who wants to learn guitar. You go to Bach to Rock and immediately start learning to play the songs on your phone. Then you are introduced to your bandmates: Zane is on the drums, Isabella is lead singer, Amir is on the bass, and Sophia is on the keyboards and sings backup. You play together as a group, music blaring, amps turned up high. Your Bach to Rock teacher encourages you turn it up and let it rip. Then the lesson is over. Would you want to come back the next week? Can you see why we are successful?

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Great Music Franchise Opportunities for Multi-Unit, Investors and Owner Operators

Bach to Rock’s initial investment is $255,500 to $549,500. We’re looking for investors with a net worth of $500,000 and a minimum liquidity of $100,000. Our business model is suited for the music lover who’s passionate about enriching his or her community and helping educate children. Our franchise opportunities are ideal for the experienced investor who appreciates the revenue potential of opening several units. Our parent company owns a chain of schools, which proves the business is profitable and scalable. Bach to Rock envisions opening 500 schools across the nation over the next decade as we take the lead in this unique approach to music instruction. Prime territories are still available for development, and the industry is starting to take notice of the niche we’re carving out in this increasingly important market.

battle of the bands students on stage

Team Approach to Music Instruction Makes our Business Model Very Successful

On average, our students stay in music lessons at Bach to Rock for more than 70 weeks. We generate buzz, which keeps kids coming in the front door. We treat them like stars, which keeps them coming back.

And, despite clear evidence that music education helps kids in school, music instruction in schools is dwindling, and that is increasing demand nationwide for private music instruction. As music and arts are increasingly pushed out of school curricula, parents are willing to spend a lot of money on private lessons. The future looks bright.

Award Winning Franchise

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s how we rank in the franchise industry. Among our awards:

  • Entrepreneur Magazine – 2024. B2R ranks on the Top 500 franchise list in 2024 for the eighth time, out of over 1,000 franchised businesses.
  • Top Franchises for Veterans. Entrepreneur ranks Bach to Rock #37 as one of the top 150 franchises offering incentives and other programs to help veterans become franchisees.
  • Ten Franchises to Watch, “Entrepreneur” magazine. Entrepreneur gazes into the future and picks Bach to Rock to make a big splash.
  • Next 300 Franchise Systems, “Franchise Times”. Franchise Times names Bach to Rock as one of the next 300 Franchise Systems to take off.
  • Franchise Gator Top 100 Franchise. Bach to Rock scores #15 on the list, and is also named a Top Emerging AND Fastest Growing Franchise.
  • Best Website Best Practices, Franchise Media Update. Recognized for transparency and robust Item 19 disclosure, Bach to Rock wins best website.

Check out all of our business accolades here!

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Why Choose Us

The Bach to Rock Method

At Bach to Rock, we know that students learn music more quickly when they’re having fun! Our step-by-step curriculum keeps students engaged and rewards achievement at each level. Students get to choose which songs they play, learn from music pros, and perform with peers at live events!

Music Made Fun!

At Bach to Rock, students choose which songs and genres they want to play, making lessons more fun!

Band & Glee Programs

Through our Band and Glee Club programs, students get to play music with peers, a key skill for growing musicians!

Live Performances

Bach to Rock gives students the chance to perform live at local music venues, helping students build confidence on stage!

One-on-One Lessons

In private music lessons, our students learn one-on-one from some of the most talented music educators in the area.

Early Childhood Classes

Music is valuable for early childhood development! We offer programs for toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary students.

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