Why Bach to Rock is Great for Investors

Bach to Rock offers a way to fuel your passions and contribute to your community all while earning an income.

What You Get For Your Investment

While we are a creative business, we pay close attention to analytics and unit-level economics and profitability. We’ve built our company to be a worthy brand that allows investors to give back to their communities, dramatically improve the lives of young people and explore the potential for a high rate of return on reasonable investments.

Consider: Your initial investment for a Bach to Rock school will probably be between $255,500 to $549,500, according to our 2024 Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

Bach to Rock is a good business to invest in based on our financial merits alone. The potential for you to do well is there, given the track record with our schools. The important thing is that if you love music, if you’re passionate about improving the lives of kids and if you believe the arts are an important part of our culture, this may be the perfect investment for you.

How big is the opportunity?

music store franchise opportunitiesThere seems to be more demand for music education now than ever, given that schools are not spending on the arts like they once did. Parents who value cultural education are willing to spend their disposable income on music lessons for their children. Our cost to acquire a customer is around $100, but the customer typically spends much more. Students enrolled in private lessons or band at Bach to Rock stay with us for an average of 70 weeks of instruction. Plus, there are other promising revenue-producing activities at Bach to Rock. About 20% of revenue at our schools comes from Bach to Rock music camps, birthday parties, DJ lessons and recording studio programs.

“Obviously these numbers will vary widely market by market, but in any five-mile area with the demographic we shoot for, people spend a lot of money on music education,” says Brian Gross, President of Bach to Rock. “In our fractured industry, there are very few brands that go after that.”

Our business model is scalable, profitable and perfect for the experienced entrepreneur who has a passion for music, education and enriching their community.

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Why Choose Us

The Bach to Rock Method

At Bach to Rock, we know that students learn music more quickly when they’re having fun! Our step-by-step curriculum keeps students engaged and rewards achievement at each level. Students get to choose which songs they play, learn from music pros, and perform with peers at live events!

Music Made Fun!

At Bach to Rock, students choose which songs and genres they want to play, making lessons more fun!

Band & Glee Programs

Through our Band and Glee Club programs, students get to play music with peers, a key skill for growing musicians!

Live Performances

Bach to Rock gives students the chance to perform live at local music venues, helping students build confidence on stage!

One-on-One Lessons

In private music lessons, our students learn one-on-one from some of the most talented music educators in the area.

Early Childhood Classes

Music is valuable for early childhood development! We offer programs for toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary students.

Join a Growing Brand

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