How Much Money Can I Make?

Bach to Rock attracts franchisees who want to build multiple units. These are some of the ways our schools make money.

Music Education Franchise: Multiple Revenue Streams

The average student at Bach to Rock takes 70 weeks of music instruction, but those aren’t necessarily consecutive. Many children take summers off, for instance, to vacation with their families. Bach to Rock has created multiple streams of revenue to maximize earnings potential for our franchisees. Here are some of the ways our schools make money:

Private lessons. Before students get into ensembles, they typically sign up for some one-on-one instruction.

Band lessons. The most appealing part of the Bach to Rock instruction method is also a moneymaker, since many parents are eager to sign up their kids for an opportunity to perform with a band in public.

Summer camps. This is how it all began for Bach to Rock, and limited-engagement summer sessions are a very popular way to introduce kids to everything our schools have to offer.

Parties and corporate events. Bach to Rock events are popular with all ages — from first-graders to 50-year-olds. They are customized for birthdays, anniversaries, corporate team-building events and more. One of our most requested events, the Karaoke Birthday Party, brings partiers of all ages into our recording studio.

Recording studio. Local bands take advantage of our full-scale 16-channel recording studio, where students also record their music. Bands often come in the mornings (before Bach to Rock classes are underway) and after lessons are over in the evenings.

Beat Refinery DJ Lessons. Aspiring DJs & Producers can learn and hone their craft right here at Bach to Rock. Group and private lessons cover mixing, scratching and music production curriculum.

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Total & Net Sales 2023 Summary – Affiliate-Owned And Franchised Schools*

Consider the breakdown below from Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document.

2023 System
Average Open
12+, 24+, 36+
2023 System
Average Open
12+ Months
2023 System
Average Open
24+ Months
2023 System
Average Open
36+ Months
Total Sales$583,235$553,387$601,409$600,121
Schools Attaining Average4 of 1117 of 4214 of 3612 of 31
Highest Number in Range$1,103,283$1,156,791$1,156,791$1,156,791
Lowest Number in Range$374,861$120,784$133,755$133,755
Private Lessons (Including DJ)$402,284$409,992$449,728$452,508
Schools Attaining Average
4 of 1118 of 4215 of 3613 of 31
Highest Number in Range
Lowest Number in Range$241,691$76,865$107,904$107,904
Band, Group, Early Childhood$109,785$98,075$104,302$102,221
Schools Attaining Average3 of 1118 of 4215 of 3613 of 31
Highest Number in Range$236,161$238,070$238,070$238,070
Lowest Number in Range$60,595$4,881$4,881$4,881
Camps (Including DJ)$49,034$30,071$32,023$31,410
Schools Attaining Average4 of 1119 of 4218 of 3614 of 31
Highest Number in Range$123,257$68,784$68,784$68,784
Lowest Number in Range$18,806$8,800$8,800$8,800
Parties (Including DJ)$8,847$3,984$3,812$3,666
Schools Attaining Average5 of 1118 of 4215 of 368 of 31
Highest Number in Range$20,176$11,659$11,659$11,659
Lowest Number in Range$2,353$0$0$0
Other: Retail, Studio, Satellite, Events$13,285$11,395$11,699$10,452
Schools Attaining Average
4 of 1123 of 4214 of 3617 of 31
Highest Number in Range$26,859$27,197$27,197$26,763
Lowest Number in Range$4,880$1,853$1,853$1,853
Less: Discounts($21,819)($26,669)($28,840)($27,732)
Schools Attaining Average5 of 1120 of 4215 of 3619 of 31
Highest Number in Range($10,165)($66,898)($66,898)($66,898)
Lowest Number in Range($39,946)($1,407)($1,407)($1,407)
Less: Cost of Goods Sold($4,168)($4,885)($4,962)($5,120)
Schools Attaining Average5 of 1116 of 4213 of 3612 of 31
Highest Number in Range($9,270)($21,958)($21,958)($21,958)
Lowest Number in Range$1,437$374$374$374
Net Sales$557,248$521,832$567,607$567,269
Schools Attaining Average4 of 1117 of 4214 of 3612 of 31
Highest Number in Range$1,056,923$1,083,978$1,083,978$1,083,978
Lowest Number in Range$352,192$109,039$129,275$129,275
Direct Instructional Costs$156,316$144,644$157,193$154,364
Schools Attaining Average
3 of 1116 of 4215 of 3612 of 31
Highest Number in Range$321,338$287,058$287,058$280,684
Lowest Number in Range$59,684$35,020$39,348$39,348
Schools Attaining Average
7 of 1117 of 4215 of 3611 of 31
Highest Number in Range$184,974$340,860$340,860$340,860
Lowest Number in Range$47,775$29,343$29,343$29,343
All Other$51,348$56,708$60,372$59,592
Schools Attaining Average5 of 1119 of 4216 of 3613 of 31
Highest Number in Range$95,884$115,152$115,152$115,152
Lowest Number in Range$35,693$22,457$35,187$35,187
Total Site G&A**$187,880$175,547$182,376$177,283
Schools Attaining Average
8 of 1118 of 4215 of 3612 of 31
Highest Number in Range$275,311$421,252$421,252$421,252
Lowest Number in Range$85,355$70,355$70,355$70,355
Total Marketing$30,533$27,981$28,407$26,980
Schools Attaining Average
6 of 1118 of 4219 of 3614 of 31
Highest Number in Range$35,293$60,464$60,464$53,660
Lowest Number in Range$22,354$10,117$10,117$10,117
The chart above reflects the Total Sales, Net Sales, and certain revenue, cost and expense data in 2023 for all Schools that have been operating for more than one year as of December 31, 2023, and were in operation during all of 2023.

* Additional details on these figures are included in the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).
** Total Site G&A is the total of Salary/Benefits/Taxes and All Other.

1. This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise. It is for information purposes only. An offer is made only by Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Currently, the following states regulate the offer and sale of franchises: California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. If you are a resident of one of these states or a country whose laws regulate the offer and sale of franchises, we will not offer you a franchise unless and until we have complied with applicable pre-sale registration and disclosure requirements in your jurisdiction.

2. Actual results vary from franchisee to franchisee and we cannot estimate or predict the results that you may experience as a franchisee.  Your individual financial results are likely to differ from the results shown in the charts. Your results will be affected by factors such as prevailing economic or market area conditions, demographics, geographic location, interest rates, your capitalization level, the amount and terms of any financing that you may secure, the property values and lease rates, your business and management skills, staff strengths and weaknesses, and the cost and effectiveness of your marketing activities.


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Why Choose Us

The Bach to Rock Method

At Bach to Rock, we know that students learn music more quickly when they’re having fun! Our step-by-step curriculum keeps students engaged and rewards achievement at each level. Students get to choose which songs they play, learn from music pros, and perform with peers at live events!

Music Made Fun!

At Bach to Rock, students choose which songs and genres they want to play, making lessons more fun!

Band & Glee Programs

Through our Band and Glee Club programs, students get to play music with peers, a key skill for growing musicians!

Live Performances

Bach to Rock gives students the chance to perform live at local music venues, helping students build confidence on stage!

One-on-One Lessons

In private music lessons, our students learn one-on-one from some of the most talented music educators in the area.

Early Childhood Classes

Music is valuable for early childhood development! We offer programs for toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary students.

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