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Apr 03, 2024

Featured Student – Vivian B

Vivian has been playing piano and plays in a band called the banana splits with Bach to Rock since 2022. She recently graduated to level 2 in December and had 

Feb 26, 2024

Featured Teacher – Dan

Dan is one of our multi-instrumentalist teachers that can teach pretty much anything! From bands, to bowed, to brass, to beats – Dan does it all with a smile. He 

Feb 26, 2024

Featured Student – Max

With a performance on March 1st and a recent graduation to Bass Level 2, Max has been excelling in both bands and lessons! He’s an up-and-coming multi-instrumentalist, taking on bass 

Jan 30, 2024

Featured Teacher – Mike

Mike has been the backbone of our school during the transition between teachers, owners, and all other welcome changes that may come our way. Going above and beyond, he has 

Jan 30, 2024

Featured Student – Mallory

Mallory has been here since 2022, enrolling first her kids in camps, then herself! She is one of the guitarists for The Rebels, one of our adult bands, and she