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Jun 04, 2020

Featured Teacher – Ryan

Bach to Rock

Ryan has been a music specialist with Bach to Rock Penfield since January 2018 and earned a Master’s of Arts in Music Composition and Theory in 2019.  Ryan has nearly completed his PhD in Music Theory! At Bach to Rock, he teaches EVERYTHING including guitar, bass, piano, voice, drums, brass, woodwinds, strings, and even harp, accordion, harmonica, and slide steel guitar.

Ryan adds, “What I love most about being a music teacher is how music changes lives. The power of positivity that music ignites as well as the academia and creativity attached to it cannot be compared. The pure excitement that students gain while learning new skills is something that isn’t comparable. Music is love and music is life!”

Ryan is also certified in pro audio engineering, recording arts, music production, DJ Mixing, and coaches various bands at Bach to Rock! Thank you Ryan for your dedication to spreading the love of music to everyone around you.