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Aug 08, 2023

Meet David, a 3.5-Year-Old Rocker

David practicing his rock-n-roll drumming skills!
David practicing his rock-n-roll drumming skills!

If you ask David what he likes best about Bach to Rock and his Rock City sessions, he says he’s loved learning Queen’s iconic song, “We Will Rock You.” Plus, he says, “I like getting stickers and candy, too.” At Bach to Rock, we specialize in helping kids of all ages feel confident and have fun with music!

David’s mom, Lindsay, chose Bach to Rock for several reasons. “David loves listening to music in the car, plus we have several family members who play instruments. We wanted to give David more focused music exposure and appreciation,” said Lindsay.  Lindsay also shared, “We loved Bach to Rock’s staff and community involvement, and Rock City is offered several times a day, which has really helped with makeup sessions.”

Since David joined Rock City, he has flourished. “Most noticeably, David is great at keeping beat with songs and identifying instruments he hears,” noted Lindsay. Plus, Rock City gives kids the chance to have a practice concert. “David enjoyed the opportunity to be on stage and he mentioned wanting to do another show,” added Lindsay.  Lindsay said she thinks it’s great to give such young kids performance practice.  “We love that Rock City is age-appropriate and David is with the same classmates weekly, so they are growing and learning together,” said Lindsay.  Rock City is for kids aged 3-5 and gives them the chance to explore instruments like chimes and the recorder and uses the power of storytelling to teach musical concepts.

Lindsay suggests other parents find a routine, stick with it and reinforce at home what their child learns in class. And, she urged, “Encourage your kids to do performances!”