About MyB2R

MyB2R makes it easy to keep track of lessons and progress in Bach to Rock® music lessons!

MyB2R: An Online Hub for Students & Parents in McLean

MyB2R is an online hub for students and parents at Bach to Rock.

With MyB2R, it’s easy to keep track of upcoming lessons and performance events, view student progress, access lesson resources, and log practice sessions to earn rewards at your local Bach to Rock! It also gives parents and students an easy way to manage their accounts.

What is MyB2R?

Through the MyB2R dashboard, you’ll be able to access features for both students and parents such as your lesson materials, student history, and our complete song library. You’ll also be able to view upcoming lessons and events, adjust lesson schedules, enhance your practice sessions, manage your account, and earn rewards!

Here’s a closer look at key features of MyB2R:

Features for Students

Assignments & Materials

Through MyB2R, you can easily keep track of assignments and which lessons have been completed. You can also access lesson materials and their sheet music online for use at home! Students can access lessons for up to 12 months after completion.

Song Library

Bach to Rock’s song library and music player includes 600+ songs that students can learn in music lessons. We offer backing tracks that students can play along to, including special arrangements for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.

Level Progress

Want to see how far you or your child is progressing in music lessons? Our level progress tracker offers an at-a-glance look at how each student is advancing through our programs. This way, you can see step-by-step progress as students learn core musical skills and concepts.

Student Activity

MyB2R student profiles include a breakdown of student activity. This gives a quick overview of how much time each student is spending on specific musical concepts, like playing by ear, improvisation, and repertoire!

Enhanced Practice Sessions

Through the MyB2R student portal, enrolled musicians can track their practice sessions to get feedback from their teacher, use the metronome or the tuner, and level up through the ranks to earn rewards and digital badges for practicing or completing programs at Bach to Rock!

Features for Parents

Track Your Child’s Progress

Know exactly how your child is progressing in their music lessons. As a parent, you can see which concepts your student has completed, and which ones need a little more practice. You’ll even have access to their report cards, right in MyB2R!

Billing & Scheduling

With MyB2R, you can manage your account at the click of a button. You’ll have access to update your payment options, view your billing history, download printable receipts, and change your contact preferences. Parents can also view our calendars for upcoming lessons and performance events.

Reschedule Lessons

Need to move your lesson to a different date? We know flexibility is important. Reschedule your lesson with us right in MyB2R. You can see available lesson times with your child’s teacher and choose the makeup time that fits your schedule.

Switch to Virtual

Running late for your lesson or is your child not feeling up to coming to us for their lesson? We’ve got you covered! In MyB2R, you can easily switch your lesson to virtual any time before your lesson starts, and we will see you on Zoom!

Contact the School

If you need to get in touch with us, we’re only a click away! Contact your local Bach to Rock right in MyB2R and get quick assistance with anything you need.

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Why Choose Us

The Bach to Rock Method

At Bach to Rock, we know that students learn music more quickly when they’re having fun! Our step-by-step curriculum keeps students engaged and rewards achievement at each level. Students get to choose which songs they play, learn from music pros, and perform with peers at live events!

Music Made Fun!

At Bach to Rock, students choose which songs and genres they want to play, making lessons more fun!

Band & Glee Programs

Through our Band and Glee Club programs, students get to play music with peers, a key skill for growing musicians!

Live Performances

Bach to Rock gives students the chance to perform live at local music venues, helping students build confidence on stage!

One-on-One Lessons

In private music lessons, our students learn one-on-one from some of the most talented music educators in the area.

Early Childhood Classes

Music is valuable for early childhood development! We offer programs for toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary students.

Music Lessons, Camps & Parties

At Bach to Rock, we offer music lessons and group classes for kids and adults, plus camps and birthday parties! With our fun and beginner-friendly approach, it's never too early or too late to get started with music!


Bach to Rock offers music lessons for all ages and skill levels. Our private lessons include piano, guitar, drums, voice, and a wide range of other instruments. We also offer beginner classes and ensemble programs like Band and Glee Club. Anyone can learn to play music with Bach to Rock — even if you've never played an instrument before!


Our camps are a perfect choice for students who love music! We offer full-day and half-day summer camps, spring camps, and winter camps for kids, plus camps on school holidays. Our camps are great for students who want to start learning music and see what it's like to perform!


Birthday parties at Bach to Rock give kids a chance to be rock stars for a day! With themes like Karaoke Birthday and Rock Birthday, partygoers get to perform and record songs by their favorite artists. We also offer birthday party packages for younger children and corporate teams!

Meet Our Music Teachers

A great music teacher can make a world of difference when learning to sing or play an instrument.

At Bach to Rock, our instructors include a mix of classically trained musicians and working professionals. Our teachers actively tour, perform, and record as independent artists or as backing musicians for other musicians and bands.

By working closely with students in one-on-one lessons, our teachers make it easy to learn music and build performance skills!

Wall of Fame

Standout Students & Future Stars

Discover talented students at Bach to Rock! Our Wall of Fame includes featured students and bands, as well as winners from events like Battle of the Bands.

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