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Sep 19, 2022

Get to Know Rebecca Hoover, Bach to Rock’s New Director of Marketing

Rebecca Hoover - Bach to Rock Director of Marketing
As the new Director of Marketing, Rebecca Hoover is excited to help the Bach to Rock franchise system grow.

So, what brings you to Bach to Rock and what do you find most interesting about the company?

Bach to Rock is such a fun brand! One thing that really stood out to me in my first few weeks as I started getting to know everyone on the team, whether it was internal staff, franchisees, music teachers, etc. was everyone’s passion for music – in some form or another. When you love what you do, it really makes a difference. I also think back to when I was a kid and how cool it would have been to participate in a program like ours. It would have inspired me to look at music differently, especially if I started early in my childhood. It would have given me more confidence to step outside of my comfort zone and try new things. You can tell the difference it makes when you put kids out in public at events or venues and give them the opportunity to perform. The more they practice and perform, the better they get – and many of them are fearless! That’s something you don’t get from a traditional music education program or a private music instructor. Overall, I accepted this role because I love Bach to Rock’s approach and felt it was something I could get behind and help spread more awareness about. My experience in marketing and the children’s education industry might have helped a little bit too.

The goal in our music schools is to break down the traditional ‘rules’ of music education and make learning an instrument fun and engaging. We let students choose what songs they play, which means they could be playing Bruno Mars or Taylor Swift instead of “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”  Then, we even take it a step further and show kids how to perform in public. We encourage all our students in private lessons to join a band. It shows them the team aspect that goes into playing music, helps build confidence and gives them stage performance experience.

What are you most looking forward to now that you’re part of the Bach to Rock family?

I think that I’ve come into the company at an exciting time for us. Now that the pandemic has subsided and things are starting to return to normal, we’re setting goals and making plans for the next few years for our marketing department. From launching a new website to a complete redesign of all our marketing collateral, implementing a new content strategy, and ramping up our lead generation strategies – we have a very busy time ahead of us. I’m looking forward to growing our brand and our marketing team and helping to make sure our system is armed with what they need to continue as leaders in the music education space.

What do you feel are your greatest strengths that will help propel Bach to Rock ahead?

While I do bring 8+ years of experience in marketing and franchising, a unique perspective that I bring to Bach to Rock is my own personal experience as a franchise owner. While most of my career has been on the franchisor side, I also co-owned a local in-home senior care franchise business. From a marketing standpoint, I know what was important to me as a franchisee, which allows me to put myself in the shoes of our franchisees to understand what resources they will benefit from. 

Where do you see yourself making the greatest impact?

I am a strategic thinker. It’s important to see the big picture in order to develop plans which are data-driven and support the goals of the franchise.  I feel that my forward-thinking mindset combined with my skills can help make the greatest impact. I have several years of experience conducting local marketing through events, partnerships, and print, and I know the ins and outs of digital marketing, paid campaigns, email and social media.  Utilizing my expertise, I know I can help take the Bach to Rock franchise system to the next level.