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Oct 04, 2022

Growing Up with Bach to Rock

Tyler rocks the drum kit!
Tyler rocks the drum kit!

Tyler H., age 10, plays guitar and drums and is enrolled in lessons for guitar, drums and band. He makes use of his multi-instrumental skills at Bach to Rock summer camps in Lansdowne.

Tyler has been surrounded by music, thanks to his two older brothers, who attended Bach to Rock. Tyler’s mom, Julie shared, “Tyler would play instruments on his own, but he had never taken lessons until he started at Bach to Rock. He wanted to play in a band like his big brothers.”  That was four years ago, and Tyler has been busy with guitar and drum lessons, as well as in a band, ever since!  When choosing Bach to Rock for her sons, Julie said, “The opportunity to take lessons and then join a band was a big draw.  Plus, the summer camps were appealing because kids can try new instruments and try a band.”

Julie has especially appreciated the learning experience. “Bach to Rock teachers are really engaging.  They always listen to the kids and to me, as a parent, to help them grow as musicians.”

Bach to Rock has been rewarding and enriching for all of Julie’s boys, noting that they’ve loved their bands and love to perform. “Having Bach to Rock as part of so many community events has been amazing. My quiet kids got on stage and rocked it – whether at a festival, school or charity event, or Battle of the Bands,” she said.

Julie feels the skills and experiences gained at Bach to Rock have shaped her sons, giving them confidence that could last a lifetime. “They will take what they have learned and be able to play as they grow and become adults.”

Just like Tyler and his brothers, discover how your family can become part of the Bach to Rock family. To find out more about music lessons in your area, find your closest Bach to Rock location.