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Oct 04, 2022

At Bach to Rock, Music Lessons are Finally Fun for Katelyn

Katelyn jams on stage!
Katelyn jams on stage!

Katelyn D., age 16, plays guitar and is enrolled in lessons for guitar & band at Bach to Rock in Lutz, FL.

After suffering through boring piano lessons at one school, and being shuffled from teacher to teacher at another, Katelyn’s mom, Jennifer, knew it was time for a change.  “We started out looking for a new piano teacher, but a trial lesson on guitar at Bach to Rock led to a LOVE for guitar,” said Jennifer.  And finally, to the right school for Katelyn, where she’s been studying guitar since she was twelve-years-old.

Jennifer and Katelyn chose Bach to Rock for several reasons. “It had a really fun atmosphere.  Teachers were talking about music and playing music.  It was so upbeat and positive that it was contagious. Katelyn was very inspired after having just one lesson with her guitar teacher,” added Jennifer. “To top it off, when we heard Bach to Rock provided the opportunity to be in a band, we knew it would be a fun experience for Katelyn.”

Katelyn’s interest in music has flourished since starting at Bach to Rock.  “She always loved music, but now says she can’t live without it,” noted Jennifer.  Plus, Katelyn is considering a degree in business and music, so maybe one day she can have her own Bach to Rock music school.

For parents considering Bach to Rock, Jennifer shared, “Katelyn loves coming to Bach to Rock!  She calls it her home away from home. She loves that she can play music with other kids who want to play too!  She has made great friendships with other kids in her rock band.  She loves her teachers and looks up to them.” 

Help your music-loving child find a fun music school (and second home!) like Katelyn. To find out more about music lessons in your area, find your closest Bach to Rock location.

Katelyn and her instructor, Shane.
Katelyn and her instructor, Shane.