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Oct 04, 2022

Swathi Loves Guitar and Really Loves Being in a B2R Band

Swathi and her instructor, Tyler
Swathi and her instructor, Tyler

Swathi S., age 15, plays guitar and is enrolled in guitar lessons, band, & Battle of the Bands contests at Bach to Rock.

When Swathi’s family moved to a new city, she wanted to continue guitar lessons as well as participate in a band.  According to her dad, Sudhir, the family chose B2R because it’s a well-known school, with the best teachers, and especially because it offered opportunities to join a band.

“The teachers are excellent in guiding students.  Bands are encouraged to come up with original songs, which helps improve their creativity.  Everything is provided so students are in a position to build a career in music if they’d like to,” said Sudhir.

“Bach to Rock bands are given the opportunity to play in real gigs, which gives them excellent exposure to play in front of large crowds,” added Sudhir. Plus, Swathi is really motivated to give her best in the Battle of the Bands contests held every six months.  “She puts in the hard work in order to do well, which in turn improves her music skills. And her confidence level has increased thanks to the experiences of playing in front of audiences,” according to her proud dad.

Sudhir wants to let parents considering Bach to Rock to know, “I believe the output is always great when the passion for it is high. At B2R, everyone, from the owner to the teachers, is very passionate about music and teaching music. This ensures you get great results.”

Bach to Rock helps all students pursue their musical passions, from voice to band to piano lessons! To find out more about music lessons in your area, find your closest Bach to Rock location.

Swathi, far right, with her band, Actual Purgatory, including bandmate, Liam W.
Swathi, far right, with her band, Actual Purgatory, including bandmate, Liam W.