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Sep 02, 2022

Cissy Discovers Her Musical Interests at Bach to Rock

Cissy with her instructor, Royse
Cissy with her instructor, Royse

Cissy L., age 11

Instrument:  Guitar, drums

Programs taken:  Guitar, drums & band

Three years ago, when Cissy was just nine-years-old, she became interested in music, following in her dad, Dennis’s footsteps. Cissy had no prior music instruction, so choosing a school was a big decision. Dennis picked B2R because it was important that she received instruction from professionals, who had expertise teaching children.

Dennis shared, “Cissy likes to be very versatile, and she picks up instruments rather quickly.” Cissy started with guitar and added drum lessons after about 18 months. Since she’s been taking lessons, “Cissy’s had a great experience. Her teachers adapt to her music style and push her to become the best musician she can be.”

Cissy’s skills have developed to the point that she’s a solo artist as well as a band leader. “Bach to Rock offers kids the ability to showcase their skills whether individually or as part of a group.  These experiences will help shape them both musically and in life,” added Dennis.

Dennis noted that the learning experience at B2R has matched Cissy’s versatility, “We have found that each instructor brings different perspectives to music.  Cissy enjoys learning from each of her teachers.”

Back to Rock is proud to help all students explore their musical interests. To find out more about music lessons in your area, find your closest Bach to Rock location.

Cissy, front, with her instructor Royse, and her band
Cissy, front, with her instructor Royse, and her band