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Sep 20, 2022

Gianna Reaches New Heights with Bach to Rock Vocal Lessons

Gianna owns the stage!

Gianna L., age 15, plays piano as her primary instrument and is enrolled in lessons for voice, piano and is in the Bach to Rock band program.

“We realized Gianna had a gift at three-years-old, when she was singing Josh Groban songs! Soon after, she started lessons with a small children’s choir,” said Maria, Gianna’s mom. Later, when Gianna wanted to do more with her voice, her family sought professional lessons.

“Bach to Rock had teachers that would challenge her to develop and sing as a vocalist.” Plus, B2R allowed her to choose the songs she wanted to sing. As a result, “B2R has been ‘home’ for some time now, and we won’t be leaving anytime soon.”

Maria appreciates all the support Gianna has received at B2R. “Gianna has been and continues to be a ‘learning sponge.’ The teachers are well-versed in their specialties. The support and knowledge they share with their students is boundless,” said Maria. Gianna takes vocal lessons, piano lessons and is also in a band. “Gianna has grown so much since she started at B2R.  There’s not a day in our home you will not see her practicing her heart out!”

Maria felt it was important for parents considering B2R to know, “If you are looking for a music school that’s going to teach and allow your child to grow at their pace, B2R is the place. The teachers love their students, and you can see it every time there is a performance. Student growth is evident because the owner and staff share a passion for music and for the kids.”   

Back to Rock helps all students grow and feel confident as musicians. To find out more about music lessons in your area, find your closest Bach to Rock location.

Gianna and her instructor, Chase.
Gianna and her instructor, Chase.