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May 23, 2023

Join a Rock Band for Parents

Adult Bands

The New Frontier at Bach to Rock Nashville West

Making friends as an adult is challenging, and many turn to the tried-and-true method of joining clubs to meet new people. Book clubs, cycling teams, hiking groups, sports leagues and so on, are great for some people…but as the parent of a Bach to Rock student, you have a secret weapon! You can join a band!

At Bach to Rock Nashville West, the introduction of the Dad Band and the Mom Band has been a huge success, and parents have found it to be a fantastic experience. Just like with their kids, parents playing in a band have a great creative outlet to relieve stress and improve focus, as well as build a sense of camaraderie and belonging.

A Way to Meet New People

One Dad Band member shared, “I used to play in bands in high school and college, but I never really stuck with it. Now it’s a lot of fun to just play and work up songs with other parents.”

He continued, “I’ve really enjoyed playing with these guys, even though it was a little awkward at first. Now, we’re all pretty tight, especially after our first performance playing at a local craft festival. We definitely went through something together that day, and it’s great to feel like a part of something bigger.”

Exercise For Your Mind

The benefits of learning and playing music are well documented (Check out Why is Music Education Important?).

In addition to developing motor skills and mathematical aptitude, the cognitive benefits of learning music include improved language skills, increased memory capacity, and better spatial reasoning. While this is great for kids, it’s important for adults as well.

Musical training has been shown to enhance neuroplasticity and cognition in the same way that learning a foreign language does. And band is great for building confidence, fostering teamwork, and promoting collaboration.

A Creative Outlet

Improving as players, learning how to work together, and getting comfortable with performing are not the only things parents take away from band. They are also learning to write songs together. That adds an entirely different dynamic to the band experience and relationship, and the friendships that have grown out of Mom and Dad band are inspiring.

One mom posted on her social media, “Mom band gives me life! These ladies mean so much to me, and we literally rock!”

Another dad wrote, “I played in my first show last week. I never imagined I’d be in a band at my age, let alone rocking it on stage! I’ve learned so much playing with others, and getting to hang out and jam with the dads has become the highlight of my week!” He added, “Being a part of dad band has been such an incredibly rewarding experience.”

Growth Provides a Sense of Accomplishment

Whether you’re beginner or an experienced musician, the opportunity for growth is immense! One dad who has been playing guitar for years expressed his delight in starting over as a drummer. He said, “I’m not great, but I can tell I’m getting better, and I’m having a blast!”

Another mom said, “I’m not a musician and haven’t played an instrument or performed on stage since middle school…but after a couple months of practice, one seriously cool new group of mom friends, and a public performance later, I’m hooked!” She went on, “Seeing my son so proud of me for overcoming fears and learning something new has been the best part. Plus, now I can jam with him.”

Start Today!

Why not give it a try? Joining a Bach to Rock band can provide both you and your child with many benefits. It can help you both develop musical skills and confidence that offer a wide range of benefits, and it presents a unique opportunity to connect with other adults who share your love of music. C’mon, you know you want too!

For more information about Bach to Rock’ Nashville West’s band programming contact us today!