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Dec 18, 2017

Practice Contest Winners

Practice Contest Winners

First, we want to say that we are proud of ALL of our Students!!

The purpose of the Practice Contest was to shine the light on the fact that PRACTICE (at any level) is the engine that drives PROGRESS.

During the contest, 29 students wrote down their practice times and turned in their sheets.  Way to go to all of you and the parents that helped them stay on course!

We considered age, the number of times they practiced and total minutes.  14 of the contestants came from our Early Childhood Music Education Program Kids n Keys Class and the other 15 participants were our Private Lesson Students.

We had a clear-cut overall winner with a total of 26 practice times and 836 minutes!  He took only 3 days off out of the 29-day contest period and practiced for an average of 33 minutes every time he sat down with his instrument.  He’s 6 years old and his teacher Leary, his parents and everyone at B2R is very proud of his accomplishment.  As the Grand Prize Winner, he got to take his family to Comic Con last weekend and gets 2 Passes to Laser Quest.  That super star is Clancy L. in our KnK program!

Early Childhood Winners

The other winners from our Kids n Keys Class are all relatively new to B2R.  They have started out strong.  Their practice time is definitely reflected in their play and progress.  The first two winners are Caspien and Caleb C. (who are brothers).  Caspien is 6 and Caleb is 7.  They are taught by Jasmine on Sunday afternoons.  Caspien practiced every single day of the contest, 29 times, for a total of 455 minutes!  Caleb practiced 28 times for 415 minutes!  Congratulations to Caspien and Caleb.  For their exemplary performance, they will receive 2 tickets each to AMC Dine-In.

Tyler F. and his dad Shannon are BOTH new students at B2R.  Tyler is showing his dad how to get it done with 336 minutes over 20 practice times.  With dad on drums, Tyler killing it on the keys, the pair will soon be looking for a guitarist to rock out with them.  Way to go Tyler.   We are all super proud of you and happy that you are here, especially your teacher, Leary.  Enjoy your tickets to AMC Dine-In.

We wanted to also give Honorable Mention awards to 3 more awesome students.  Olivia and William R. together filled their home with just shy of 7 HOURS of sweet music.  Both contributed almost equally to 410 minutes of practice time over 20 days.

And last but not least, a special shout out to our YOUNGEST contestant who has been at B2R since we opened in June of 2016.  She started in our Rock City Class and has worked her way into Level 3 of Kids n Keys.  Give it up for Margaret F!

Private Lesson Winners

Moving on to our Private Lesson students, please congratulate Isabel J. and Finn R.  Isabel takes voice lessons with Vera and is preparing for a performance at her school.  She practiced 400 minutes over 20 days and it shows!  Finn is a Level 2 piano student with Jasmine and logged 337 minutes over 18 days.  Both show consistency and discipline in their practice and are DEFINITELY making progress!  We are proud of both of you and hope you enjoy your tickets to AMC Dine-In.

Honorable Mentions for our Private Lessons goes to Jacob P., age 7, Daniel B., age 7, and Caitlin E., age 9.  Jacob and Daniel are no strangers to the B2R Stage are both graduates of our Kids n Keys program.  We celebrated with each of them as they worked their way through levels 1, 2 and 3 and moved into Private Lessons.  Caitlin started with us as part of a group Piano 101 Class, pulled away from the crowd in Private Lessons, and is definitely a B2R rising star!  All three practiced about 300 minutes in the month of November.  That’s FIVE HOURS a piece!!

All of our Honorable Mentions get a free pass to Laser Quest.

Prize Drawing

Because we think ALL of our students are winners and appreciate those who took the time to log their practice time, we also awarded contestants prizes by random drawing.  We put all of their names in a hat and here is a list of who was chosen and what they won:

2 tickets to SkyZone

  • Eli C.
  • Amy T.
  • Blake N.

2 tickets to Gardenfest of Lights

  • Emma G.
  • Logan O.
  • Colman L.

2 tickets to Laser Quest

  • Braxton C.
  • Belle T.

2 tickets to AMC Dine-In

  • Steven W.


All of our students who practiced 15 or more times during the course of the contest (which equates to every other day) will pick TWO prizes out of the Toys R Us gift box! 

Those students are:

  • Caleb C.
  • Caspien C.
  • Clancy L.
  • Colman L.
  • Daniel B.
  • Emma G.
  • Finley R.
  • Finn R.
  • Isabel J.
  • Jacob P.
  • Olivia R.
  • Tyler F.
  • Virginia D.
  • William R.

We would also like to recognize our AMAZING teachers at B2R.  They each are growing as music professionals in and out of B2R, LOVE working with your kids and are committed to their success, whatever that looks like for each individual child. Two of our teachers, Miss Jasmine and Miss Leary, will each receive a $25 Gift Card for having the most student participation.

Thanks again to everyone who participated and to our sponsors: