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Apr 30, 2015

Why the Bach to Rock Music Franchise Emphasizes Playing the Music You Love

Three reasons why our nontraditional teaching method is good for students and franchisees

In this video clip Bach to Rock President and CEO Brian Gross explains his connection to the Bach to Rock mission of allowing students to learn music based on the music they love.


At the Bach to Rock music franchise, one of the first things we’re sure to do is find out what kind of music a student really loves.

We don’t force them into a musical style or genre. If her favorite song is Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” we can definitely begin there. If he’s into Bruno Mars or Taylor Swift, that’s where we start. Our curriculum, which includes group and individual music lessons, includes a huge range of styles — Top 40, classical, hip-hop, blues, country, gospel, jazz, a cappella, bluegrass, electronica and more.

Incorporating the music students love is good for students, and it’s also good for the franchisee’s bottom line. Happy students translate into happy parents who are willing to keep investing in their children.

Here are three reasons the Bach to Rock method emphasizes teaching tunes the student loves.

1. Every kid wants to be a star.

There’s a huge mismatch between the demand for music education and the resources available to meet that demand. Schools offer less and less musical instruction, and what they do provide often lacks the individual attention and cultural context students crave.

Enter Bach to Rock.

Not only are we meeting the demand for quality music instruction, we’re doing it in a way that gives students the thrill of feeling like a star. A typical Bach to Rock student is an old hand at taking center stage — and an instant star to their family members, friends, classmates and wider communities. Our nontraditional approach to music education allows our students to have personal lessons and to form bands of their own. The band dynamic fosters collaboration and community with peers, which boosts individual confidence and self-esteem.

bach to rock music franchise
The Bach to Rock music franchise employs a unique approach to music education that allows children to explore the kinds of music they love and then play that music with other students in bands that perform in public spaces.

All Bach to Rock music franchise students don’t become instant prodigies, although it’s exciting and gratifying to see how quickly they progress. Routinely, our students achieve their goals and feel as if they can overcome anything that’s been holding them back.

2. It attracts more students.

Many franchise brands rely on paid media to get the word out about their services and products. But the Bach to Rock music franchise has great success with grassroots marketing, which has minimal costs and maximum effects. When one of our schools opens, it gets strong local “buzz” because Bach to Rock students and staff are out in the community performing enthusiastically at farmers markets, festivals, church fundraisers, restaurants and schools.

We hear story after story from students and parents who’ve been let down by private music lessons. Bach to Rock President and CEO Brian Gross has his own story. As a kid he loved the music of Judas Priest, but his guitar teacher spent 18 months instructing him from a John Denver songbook.

“I hated every minute of it,” Brian says. “I would have loved to take lessons for five, 10 or 15 years, but my experience really killed the desire for me.”

Bach to Rock is different. Not only is our approach more fun, it’s infectious. Word about our innovative classes spreads like wildfire in a community, and kids and adult students flock to us, not away from us. When a Bach to Rock franchise school opens, students show up by the dozens — and they stick around.

3. Kids learn more when they are having fun.

In a research paper written for Psychology Today, neurologist and educator Judy Willis explains how joyful learning leads to far better results. Indeed, Judy writes that “brain research tells us when the fun stops, learning often stops, too.” She goes on to explain why the assumptive stigma behind creative children who are having fun in music and art are not doing any real learning is false. The stereotype of the austere classroom, governed by a strict teacher who does not allow the students to explore often results in poorer test scores in an academic setting.

At every Bach to Rock music franchise, our rooms are filled with children who are laughing and learning. This make a big difference to the franchisee because parents whose kids are learning are willing to continue to pay for lessons over time. They love seeing their kids succeeding and playing the music they love.

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