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May 11, 2015

How Big Is the Demand for Music Education Franchises?

87 percent of Americans say music is an important pbach to rock music education franchiseart of their lives

Bach to Rock is meeting a pent-up demand for music education as school systems cut music programs from their budgets from coast to coast. We know the demand for quality music education is surging because whenever we open a Bach to Rock school, classes and events fill up quickly and the word-on-the-street buzz about us takes off.

Just how big is the demand? We know it’s large, but it’s difficult to gauge because there’s not much market research on music education as an industry. The sector is what economists call “highly fragmented,” which means there’s no clear leader when it comes to market share, and there’s no one player who determines the direction the industry is going. Plus, there are thousands of private music instructors out there teaching piano, guitar or other instruments from their homes or studios.

Research certainly confirms that Americans love music. A recent Gallup Poll survey titled “Public Attitudes toward Music” revealed that Americans have highly positive opinions about music. Eighty-seven percent of those surveyed say that music is a very important part of their lives. Seven in 10 said they would still like to learn to play an instrument, and 85 percent of those who didn’t play a musical instrument wish they had learned.

It all adds up to this: Bach to Rock is in a great position to lead the music education industry.

Bach to Rock — transforming music education

In many ways the music education franchise industry is in its infancy, and that makes it an exciting time to get in on a ground-level opportunity with Bach to Rock. We have a transformative approach that turns music into a team sport by creating student bands that learn to play sets, record in a studio and perform in public. We provide individual music lessons, too, but in an engaging way that offers students exposure to whatever kind of music they like — Top 40, classical, hip-hop, blues, country, gospel, jazz, a cappella, bluegrass, electronica and more.

bach to rock music education franchise

And, again, we know the need for high-quality music education is there. When we opened in early 2014 in Folsom, California, the school was an immediate sensation. It attracted TV coverage, and classes and camps filled up. A similar phenomenon happened when we opened this fall in Mamaroneck, New York. The school booked up right away with birthday parties, music and voice classes for all ages and student performances.

“The demand is definitely widespread,” says Melissa Bartell, director of the Bach to Rock music education franchise in Folsom. “There are so many communities like Folsom, that see the value in music education and have the means to provide extracurricular activities for their children.”

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