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Jul 27, 2010

Bach to Rock is for Students who Love to Play

Students learn music they enjoy at six area locations

Bethesda, MD— Bach to Rock started as a single family-owned music school in Bethesda, Maryland and has grown exponentially to six schools in the Greater Washington region with a rapidly increasing enrollment. With community-based music schools and a dynamic, fun and effective approach to music education, Bach to Rock programs introduce and support musical learning and appreciation from cradle to grave. Schools are located in Bethesda, Maryland, Gaithersburg, Maryland, McLean, Virginia, Herndon, Virginia, South Riding, Virginia, and Lansdowne, Virginia.

At B2R, music lessons are fun. Research shows that most students quit music lessons in less than two years. The solitary nature of practicing and a lack of social peer reinforcement are the usual causes. But at B2R, students play music they know and like in small bands and ensembles (teams) and in private lessons. This transforms the drudgery of conventional music instruction into a dynamic social experience. Competitive public performances at prestigious venues fosters teamwork and peer interaction, building self esteem, enhancing interpersonal skills and motivating students to perfect their musicianship through independent practice.

B2R MethodB2R’s method is based on the knowledge that students learn best when they join together to play the music they like the most. The curriculum uses age-appropriate arrangement of both popular and traditional music, along with such innovations as special instrument tunings to accommodate small hands and the use of professional recording technology to provide students with instant feedback. “Gold & Silver Record” plaques reward and motivate students as they progress through the levels of B2R’s curriculum.

Private LessonsIndividual lessons develop a student’s musical and instrumental skills by combining time-tested as well as innovative techniques. Lessons are offered in Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Voice, Violin and other instruments. For students of all ages.

Rock City (Ages 3-6)Through dynamic musical and movement-based activities, exposure to live instruments and musically inspired story-time, budding young musicians gradually develop the skills needed to read music, play simple rhythms and develop fine motor skills which are essential for future success playing an instrument.

Kids N Keys (Ages 4-7)A fun-filled musical keyboard/computer lab that provides a child’s first formal exposure to the fundamentals of music.

Bands/Jam SessionsAll B2R students are strongly encouraged to join a band. Like sports, a band builds teamwork, develops social skills, fosters self-esteem, promotes peer recognition and leads to lasting friendships. All B2R bands are also invited to compete at semiannual Battle of the Bands where they compete for prizes and recognition.

Group ClassesStudents of all ages learn how to play instruments in a team-based environment. The healthy camaraderie and competition that results motivates students to practice and improve quickly. Students receive a combination of individualized attention and group direction including ensemble playing. This approach leads to well-rounded musicianship and prepares students to perform in a variety of ensembles/bands or as soloists.

Bands, Ensembles and ConcertsB2R combines individual lessons with band or ensemble instruction, stimulating social and musical interaction. Weekly “jam sessions” lead to Battles of the Bands and recording sessions in B2R’s professional sound studios, while regularly scheduled concerts provide the thrill of an audience, build self-confidence and help students become seasoned performers.

Classical Music EnsemblesWorking with some of the finest classical musicians in the area, B2R offers students the opportunity to explore chamber music in small ensembles for many instruments including Piano, Strings, Winds and Brass. Ensembles include (but are not limited to) Piano Duos, Piano Trios (piano and strings or winds), String and Piano Duos, String Trios and Quartets, and Wind Ensembles. These programs lead to performances at the Strathmore Music Showcase and other public performance opportunities.

B2R StudiosB2R features state-of-the-art recording studios at each of its schools. Students experience the excitement of recording with certified engineers in a professional environment, producing digitally mastered CDs of their music. Instruction in recording and audio technology is another option in the B2R curriculum and the studios are also available to professional musicians for recording and audio services.

Battle of the Bands At B2R, students experience their “final exam” at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. All bands in the B2R Jam Band program are encouraged to participate in this semiannual event that draws more than 1000 spectators. The Battle of the Bands takes place over two days in Fall and Spring. The winning bands are determined by a panel of judges that include prominent musicians, educators and music writers. Winners receive a plaque and a chance to work with a professional audio engineer to record original material in B2Rs state-of-the-art recording studios. The winners’ performance is also posted and promoted on the website, as well as on B2Rs Facebook and MySpace pages.

Strathmore Music ShowcaseThe Music Showcase at Strathmore provides students with the opportunity to give acoustic performances in one of the Washington area’s greatest music venues. The Showcase is open to all instrumentalists and singers. At B2R, students in the classical music program have the very best performing experience with the chance to play at the Mansion at Strathmore. The piano in the Music Room is one of the finest Steinway Grand Pianos in the Washington Metropolitan area. The Showcase also provides B2R students the opportunity to hear their peers and gain exposure to new music, which is inspiring and motivating for young musicians.

Beat RefineryIn May, 2010, B2R launched an innovative new DJ school at the Bethesda Bach to Rock called the Beat Refinery. Dedicated to teaching all facets of being a DJ by combining traditional methods alongside the ever changing technology, the Beat Refinery is committed to developing the next great superstar DJ’s. The Beat Refinery focuses on an in depth study and philosophy of music that until just recently would have taken years to achieve. Beat Refinery offers classes from turntabalism, to electronic music production and recording technologies and has levels for those wanting to become professionals to those who want to just mix party music for friends. Students begin with the basics and move from set up and controls to scratch techniques to advanced Serato and music theory. They learn production and editing techniques as well as the basics of choosing and organizing music for gigs. The program is for students of all ages who have a passion for music and want to make the DJ platform their instrument. DJs coming in with more experience can hone their skills with state of the art playing and recording equipment and try out new techniques and musical styles.

About Bach to RockBach to Rock is a music education program for students of all ages from early childhood through high school and beyond. The B2R system is based on the belief that learning music is fun and students learn best when they play music they enjoy. Weekly ensemble instruction and jam sessions lead to public concerts, Battle of the Bands and recording sessions in B2R’s professional recording studios. B2R builds technique, fosters teamwork and enhances self esteem through private lessons, band instruction, and public performance. Schools are located in Bethesda, Maryland, Gaithersburg, Maryland, McLean, Virginia, Herndon, Virginia, South Riding, Virginia, and Lansdowne, Virginia. For more information visit or call 1.877.B2R.8558 (1.877.227.8558).

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