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Jul 03, 2018

Battle of the Bands Winners

Battle of the Bands

On June 10 and June 17, 2018, Bach to Rock bands came face-to-face for a Battle of epic proportions! After a year of preparation on their guitars, drums, basses, pianos, and voices, all bands brought their very best performances and competition was fierce. Congratulations to the following winners whose outstanding performances brought home a B2R Battle of the Bands title:

VA Elementary School Division
First Place – Big Bad Wolf
Runner Up – The Originators
Runner Up – NitrO Jax

Best Overall Appearance – Banana Splitz
Best Original Song – One Punch Potato
Best Audience Reaction – Killa Beat

VA Middle School Division
First Place – LeJitsu
Runner Up – Rebellion
Runner Up – Kage

Best Audience Reaction – Carry That Weight
Best Overall Appearance – I Like Your Boots
Best Original Song – Burnhold

VA High School Division
First Place – Clefs of Apollo
Runner Up – Milk Money
Runner Up – Alaska and Aurora

Best Audience Reaction – Spiral Staircase
Best Overall Appearance – Enigma
Best Original Song -The Unexpected

MD High School Division
First Place – The New Apocalypse
Runner Up – Scarlet Letters
Runner Up – Naught Shall Go & In Real Life

Best Original Song – Countdown and Harlequin Kids
Best Overall Appearance – The Royal Beat
Best Audience Reaction – Burning Blue and Soldiers of Royalty

MD Middle School Division
First Place – Dark Trilobite
Runner Up – The What-Nows
Runner Up – Teal Steel

Best Original Song – Point Blank
Best Overall Appearance – Keep the Change
Best Audience Reaction – Karousel

MD Elementary School Division
First Place – Play:LOUD
Runner Up – Otto-pilot
Runner Up – Revolution

Best Original Song – Play:LOUD
Best Overall Appearance – Bodysnatchers
Best Audience Reaction – Mutant Donkey Zombies

And congratulations to the following First Place band members who won our raffle prizes from Music and Arts and Sweetwater:

Nyando S. – Clefs of Apollo – $100 Sweetwater Giftcard
Sean P. – Lejitsu – $100 Sweetwater Giftcard
Nora V. – Big Bad Wolf – $100 Sweetwater Giftcard
William H. – Clefs of Apollo – $50 Sweetwater Giftcard
Quinn W. – The New Apocalypse – $50 Sweetwater Giftcard
Kathleen W. – Play:LOUD – $50 Sweetwater Giftcard
Isabella C. – Dark Trilobite – Acoustic Guitar from Music and Arts