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Aug 31, 2015

Music Instructor Crowned Miss Maryland Discusses Her Experience With Bach to Rock Music School Franchise

Destiny Clark explains how the music education school improves the lives of its students and teachers alike

Bach to Rock music instructor Destiny Clark is not just a popular teacher in our Maryland school, she’s also the crowned Miss Maryland. Her skilled background and passion for music granted her the chance to join the Bach to Rock franchise, where she draws from her own personal experiences to instruct a classroom of eager music students.

Bach to Rock
Bach to Rock instructor Destiny Clark brings her years of musical experience to the classroom, where she enjoys teaching her students life lessons through music.

“My skill is definitely there, but the passion is what rings the loudest,” Destiny says. “That’s what really gravitated me to Bach to Rock. I worked in early childcare before this, and I felt that I needed something more. Bach to Rock is all about hiring teachers who really care for their students and don’t just ‘teach.’”

Unlike most traditional music schools, Bach to Rock gives students more than just music lessons; it helps students develop, at an early age, a set of skills, knowledge and confidence they will use throughout life. We are a franchised music education school for students of all ages, from early childhood through high school and beyond, and our unique approach to teaching turns music into a “team sport”  by creating student bands that learn to play sets, record in studios, and perform in public. We provide individual music lessons, as well, but in an engaging way that offers students exposure to whatever musical genre they wish to explore.

“If you really want to focus on just the technicalities of music and nothing else, you go to a conservatory for that, or to a music school that’s more strict,” Destiny says. “Bach to Rock has teachers that are just ‘in it.’ They have the experience, they have the passion, and they care. And we don’t just teach students about the technicalities of music, but about why music is really important: the emotional aspect of it, the performance aspect of it, and also how important it is to have experience and get exposure. Bach to Rock teaches students what it’s like to be in the real world with real world musician skills.”

An influential music education

Classes at Bach to Rock go further than a traditional music education school. Our students learn the music they love in a welcoming environment, and in a way that allows them to take what they’ve learned and apply it to real-life situations. We are filling the void left by music programs that are rapidly disappearing from most schools’ curriculum, and we are providing an extracurricular activity that helps enrich kids’ lives in many ways.

“I can’t describe the feeling that comes over you as a teacher when you’ve spent months and months working on a song, and you finally get to see your students do the one thing they said they couldn’t do,” Destiny says. “It’s the most amazing feeling. I really love that we get our students to perform. The confidence that comes over them is just going to keep growing. The earlier you start teaching those lessons — helping them discover things they didn’t even see in themselves — the more productive and successful they’ll be in their adult lives.”

Bach to Rock
At Bach to Rock, instructors have the ability to shape the lives of students through music while providing a fun and unique music education experience students won’t soon forget.

Bach to Rock instructors are also learning valuable lessons through their teaching methods and the students they encounter. “It’s not a one-way street,” Destiny explains. “I’ve learned things from my students. They say the best teachers never stop learning; they will always be a student. That’s what I and my other coworkers do. I think that’s what really helps drive us as a company and as a team. We’re constantly looking at what more we can do, how we can better ourselves.”

Building an education to last a lifetime

Bach to Rock franchisees benefit from hiring dependable and passionate instructors who take our teaching principles and help students apply them to daily life. As Destiny explains, classes are often mutually beneficial for students and the instructor.

“A lot of our students didn’t need just music lessons; they also needed a little bit of consoling, a mentor, somebody who could be there,” she says. In her time as a teacher, Destiny has learned how to take one student’s bad day at school and help them channel that emotion into their music.

“That’s helped me grow as a person, as well,” she says. “It helped me realize the importance of mentorship and respect for every human being we come across — no matter their age — and that we all have something to offer each other.”

Taking time off from her role as a Bach to Rock instructor for the upcoming Miss America pageant is something Destiny regrets. She anticipates getting back to her role at Bach to Rock as soon as the competition is over.

“They’re so amazing I almost felt that it wasn’t fair to have to take time off,” she says. “I want to give them all my time and devotion because every single one of my students is so extremely talented.”

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