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Apr 06, 2015

How Does the Bach to Rock Music Franchise Support Its Owners?

Parent company CIG invested $20 million to help expand music franchise

Bach to Rock music franchise
Since opening our first corporate school in Bethesda, Maryland, in 2007, the Bach to Rock music franchise has embraced the philosophy that learning music should be fun.

When you join a franchise, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting in exchange for royalty payments. After all, entrepreneurs join a franchise system because it gives them the support they need to build a business.

The Bach to Rock music franchise offers extensive support to our owners, helping them start, grow and grab market share in their communities. We have a proven business model that’s ideal for the savvy investor who understands that the timing for the unique kind of music education opportunity presented by Bach to Rock has never been better in this country.

“When you look at the revenue that can be generated by a Bach to Rock franchise and combine it with the extreme need in the marketplace for high-quality music education, it’s easy to see why our brand is taking off,” President and CEO Brian Gross says. “Our schools are sustainable and show the ability to ramp up quickly.”

Here are four ways the Bach to Rock franchise supports franchisees:

1. Extraordinary corporate backing

Bach to Rock has extraordinary corporate support and executive leadership. CIG, our parent company, has already invested more than $20 million in the Bach to Rock concept in order to perfect the business model and create a scalable business that translates into a reputable nationwide franchise system. That’s the kind of backing most emerging franchises can only dream of, and it makes a huge difference to our franchisees’ success and our overall success as a franchisor.

Brian heads an executive team that is not only devoted to music education, but full of franchising veterans with experience at national giants such as Sylvan Learning Centers.

Bach to Rock music franchise
Bach to Rock’s marketing methods are slightly different from those of the typical franchise concept, which often relies heavily on paid media marketing. We take advantage of grassroots networks that tend to be in place in our ideal markets.

2. Proven business model

We’ve designed the Bach to Rock music franchise to be a worthy brand that allows investors to give back to their communities, dramatically improve the lives of young people and explore the potential for a high rate of return on reasonable investments.

Our business model is suited for the music lover who’s passionate about enriching his or her community and helping educate children. Furthermore, the Bach to Rock music franchise business model includes several ways to generate income, and that’s great news for franchisees. Multiple streams of income can be crucial to the overall success of any small business because they strengthen cash flow and help build brand awareness. They also allow the franchisee to serve more people.

3. Infectious company spirit

The Bach to Rock music franchise is a good business to invest in based on our financial merits alone, but we’re also fun for everyone involved — owners, investors and consumers. We’re about profitability, but we’re also about kids and families having a great time in their neighborhoods and communities. We’re a feel-good brand. We aren’t trying to fix our students, we’re guiding them to learn music and showing them how to have fun doing it.

“Bach to Rock’s employees really are invested in the company and believe in the program,” says David Ferguson, a franchise owner in Folsom, California. “You can’t manufacture their enthusiasm and dedication to the brand, and it becomes contagious.”

4.  Great hands-on training

Bach to Rock supports franchisees with expert training. We have a state-of-the-art 4,000- square-foot training facility in Herndon, Virginia, where franchisees are immersed in the Bach to Rock music franchise method and management and administration of a school. We train the Bach to Rock franchise owner to use our proprietary web-based management system, proven advertising and marketing programs — all designed to position them for success. The training facility also features Beat Refinery, the Mid-Atlantic’s premier DJ school dedicated to teaching every aspect of the craft, combining traditional methods with the latest technology for aspiring DJs.

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