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Jan 24, 2023

How long will it take for my child to learn the guitar?

Learning to play the guitar is a skill that takes time and patience. If you have a child who has shown interest in learning an instrument, like the guitar, you might be wondering how long it will actually take before they can play a song or two. The time it takes for a child to learn an instrument really depends on the student’s dedication. Guitar is an instrument that requires getting used to. Students must 

Jan 05, 2023

Why is Music Education Important?

Music education is more than just learning how to play an instrument or sing in tune. It provides a channel for self-expression, an opportunity to learn discipline and teamwork, and 

Oct 04, 2022

Growing Up with Bach to Rock

Tyler H., age 10, plays guitar and drums and is enrolled in lessons for guitar, drums and band. He makes use of his multi-instrumental skills at Bach to Rock summer 

Jun 06, 2019

Featured Student – Indica

This is our student of the month: Indica! She has been playing piano for one year now! When she isn't playing music, she enjoys biking and disc golf. A fun