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Jan 24, 2023

How long will it take for my child to learn the guitar?

Learning to play the guitar is a skill that takes time and patience. If you have a child who has shown interest in learning an instrument, like the guitar, you might be wondering how long it will actually take before they can play a song or two. The time it takes for a child to learn an instrument really depends on the student’s dedication. Guitar is an instrument that requires getting used to. Students must 

Jan 05, 2023

Why is Music Education Important?

Music education is more than just learning how to play an instrument or sing in tune. It provides a channel for self-expression, an opportunity to learn discipline and teamwork, and 

Dec 30, 2022

Featured Teacher – Jonah H

Jonah’s primary instruments are drums and recording arts, but he teaches many instruments. He started playing drums when he was 7 and hasn’t stopped since. Jonah has a lot of 

Dec 30, 2022

Featured Student – Quinn Q

Quinn has been taking voice lessons with B2R since April, progressing very quickly and graduated to level 2 in January. Quinn is also the vocalist for the band Incognito. He 

Dec 06, 2022

Featured Teacher – Anna H

Anna’s primary instrument is clarinet and she teaches all woodwinds, brass, strings, percussion, piano and voice! She is finishing up her BM in Music Education at Nazareth College School. She 

Dec 06, 2022

Featured Student – Silas R

Silas has been taking lessons at B2R since February 2018! He started in Rock City and went through the Kids n Keys program before starting private piano lessons and is 

Nov 01, 2022

Featured Teacher – Stan

Stan has been at B2R for nearly 5 years! He is an expert in bowed instruments and teaches just about every instrument, including banjo. He coaches several bands and is 

Nov 01, 2022

Featured Student – Addy

Addy is a drum student who recently graduated to level 2. She is also in a band, The Party Animals. She always comes to lessons and bad rehearsal with a 

Oct 13, 2022

Featured Teacher – Zach

Our Featured Teacher, Zach, has a BA from the College of Charleston in cello performance and composition and a MA from the Eastman School of Music in music composition. For 

Oct 13, 2022

Featured Student – Zoe

Zoe is a long time student who studies piano and plays in a band called “The Party Animals.” She enjoys playing piano and singing with her band-mates. She especially loves