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Oct 07, 2013

Walter Johnson High School student named among top 25 DJs under 25

<p >Alex Young, a junior at Walter Johnson High School in Bethesda, expects a busy year.</p>
<p>In June, he was listed in Vibe magazine’s Top 25 Dance Music DJs Under 25 This Year, which opened new opportunities for him to entertain with his DJ prowess.</p>
<p>“It’s super cool,” he said. “I make up my own music and I think that’s what impresses people.”</p>
<p>Alex, 16, said he started taking guitar lessons when he was about 8, then added drums and, as he got older, played in a couple of local bands with friends.</p>
<p>He began entertaining as a DJ only about two years ago after attending a DJ camp at Bach to Rock music school.</p>
<p>“I ended up being more interested in the product of the work rather than the song,” he said. “You don’t really play. It’s more like cueing” into the music.</p>
<p>This summer he performed at several venues in several states. The coolest, he said, was a three-day rave festival in Las Vegas.</p>
<p>“I got to play in one night of the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas,” he said. “It was about 400,000 kids and they had the best sound and lighting.”</p>
<p>Now that school has started, Alex said he is allowed to accept gigs only on weekends, but that makes him more determined to do well in school and, maybe, graduate early.</p>
<p>As of right now, he said, the plan is to put college on hold and take advantage of the opportunities his musical talent open up to him.</p>
<p>“He has a very unique style. He composes his own music, performs and plays,” said Danny Kang, Alex’s manager at Megahousemusic. “In this day and age, DJs have turned into artists. They are releasing music under their own name.”</p>
<p>Kang said Alex’s music is way beyond what a 16-year-old who just started usually produces.</p>
<p>“I think he’s blessed with a special gift,” Kang said.</p>
<p>A sample of Alex’s work can be found online at <a

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