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Dec 04, 2013

So Far Yet So Close

How to manage long-distance business relationships

So your business has found success locally – congratulations. The next step? Expansion into new markets. But staying in sync across borders and time zones isn’t as easy as it seems. Best practices don’t always translate across cultures, and remote staffs are tougher to manage and motivate. As you plan your next big move, take a cue from CEOs who have mastered the art of maintaining long-distance business relationships.

Brian Gross

CEO, Bach to Rock


Consistent Culture: It’s a huge consideration for us because we believe that our culture is unique. You’re combining education, fun and kids with parents and public performance. From a cultural standpoint, we spend [a significant time] training a new franchisee. We spend an enormous amount of time with them during and after opening. We have regular intervals of not only onsite support but also phone, email, video chat [and] screen-sharing technologies. [There’s] constant interaction with me and my team. Most importantly, when a franchise prospect comes in to see us and to learn about us, we’re interviewing them as rigorously as they’re interviewing us. Really, it’s selecting the right partner.

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