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Jun 01, 2012

On Tap Magazine Interviews B2R Director of Operations, Carl Pfanstiehl

Bach to Rock is no ordinary music school. A place where learning happens in groups, and the focus is on fun as well as education, B2R (as it’s known) started out small and is now growing by leaps and bounds. On Tap recently caught up with B2R’s Director of Operations (and a kick-ass musician himself) Carl Pfanstiehl to find out what it’s all about.

On Tap: What exactly is B2R?Carl Pfanstiehl: Bach to Rock is a metropolitan-area music school that believes that students learn music best by rehearsing and performing together in groups. At the core of B2R is a group of enthusiastic and diverse teachers who provide a well-balanced education to any and all students, no matter their age or skill level. Most importantly, B2R provides a supportive, family-friendly and fun atmosphere for all who visit our sites.

OT: As Director of Operations, what’s your role?CP: [It’s] a fancy word for “jack of many trades”. My main focus is attending to the everyday needs of my six site directors as they continuously deal with the stresses of tremendous growth. This means I’m involved in equipment purchasing and repair, advising on budget, and even planning and executing large events such as our Student Showcase at the wonderful Strathmore Hall Arts Center. My entire corporate team are no different, wearing many hats and clocking some serious hours to keep this school ahead of the game daily; without them I’d be lost! I live and die by this company and fully intend to help grow it to its maximum capacity.

OT: What makes Bach to Rock different from other music schools?CP: Our identity. No other music school I’ve seen can offer fun group or private instruction in a family-friendly atmosphere. We hire the best teachers available, arm them with state of the art technology and resources, stick them in class A retail space, and provide a legitimate music education. We don’t cut corners, especially on our curriculum. Alongside traditional music books, we have created our own scope and sequence that is copyright friendly and promotes a well-balanced education. We use popular music to embrace any style of music the student is interested in. Who else can offer that?

OT: What’s up with the Yards Park concert on June 8?CP: One of our student bands from B2R Lansdowne, Hyperactive, will be performing at the Friday Night Concert Series! It’s free and starts at 6 p.m. They will melt your face; it’s definitely worth checking out!

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