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Apr 01, 2020

Live Drum Sequencing Using the Performance Pads | Roland DJ-808 Controller | DJ Throdown | Part 1

Live Drum Sequencing Using the Performance Pads on the Roland DJ-808 Controller with DJ Throdown.

Welcome to the Beat Refinery’s latest video series featuring industry leading Roland DJ products. We’ve partnered with Roland to bring you a video performance and tutorial series which will showcase basic techniques as well as more advanced techniques highlighting the features and capabilities of Roland DJ products.

In this first Performance/Tutorial series, we have called on 2018 & 2019 DMC USA DJ Champion, DJ Throdown to show us how to live sequence drum patterns using the performance pads on the Roland DJ-808 Controller. The first video is a performance routine that Throdown has created using this technique and the second video will have a full tutorial so you can follow along and incorporate this drumming technique into your own performances. Enjoy!

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