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Nov 08, 2023

Jonathan Has Flourished at Bach to Rock

Jonathan’s ready for his photo at his school’s Bach to Rock awards.
Jonathan’s ready for his photo at his school’s Bach to Rock awards.

Jonathan H. has taken lessons in drums and piano at Bach to Rock. He was new to the school after his former music teachers retired. As a youngster, he started customized piano lessons and music therapy, because Jonathan is autistic with cerebral palsy and developmentally delayed. His mom, Emily, wanted to find music lessons for Jonathan to continue supporting him on this path. She began her research. “I was blessed to find a program for him at Bach to Rock. I have been thrilled with his progress,” she shared.

Emily noted that Jonathan enjoys each lesson and feels comfortable and safe with his teachers and the staff. He even started taking drum lessons. “I first chose piano because Jon was most familiar with it.  The teachers were amazing, so I felt that adding drum lessons would help his coordination, plus he was ready to try another instrument,” said Emily.

Jonathan is motivated and enjoys going to music lessons. “He loves to practice, and the teachers work with him at his pace and are extraordinary teachers,” Emily added.

Emily wants other parents to know it’s important to be committed to always have a positive attitude and participate in your child’s practice at home with praise and positive encouragement.   Lastly, she wants to give a shout out to everyone at Bach to Rock. “A huge thank you to the team at our school, who have offered such kindness, support and kudos to our son.”

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