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Apr 17, 2010

Bach to Rock to Launch the Beat Refinery, a New DJ School at B2R Bethesda

Beat Refinery directed by legendary DJs Stylus Chris (Chris Stiles) and Geometrix (Brian Sadiarin). Program Open House Saturday, April 17th, 1-3 pm at the Bethesda Open Market

Bethesda, Maryland— Bach to Rock, America’s Music School, announced today that Bach to Rock Bethesda is launching its first DJ school, the Beat Refinery, this Spring with an open house on Saturday, April 17 from 1- 3 pm. The program will be directed by legendary DJs Chris Stiles (aka DJ Stylus Chris) and Brian Sadiarin (aka DJ Geometrix). The Bethesda Open Market is located at the intersection of Woodmont Road and Norfolk Avenue (across from the Burger Joint) in Bethesda.

Over the past decade, DJ culture has emerged from a mostly underground activity to revolutionize every genre of music in just about every part of the world. Millions are playing DJ Hero and thousands more are learning the real thing. Celebrities like Madonna, Will I. Am (Black Eyed Peas) and Benji Madden (Good Charlotte) are getting into the game at events from New York to LA. From hip hop parties in the suburbs to center city dance clubs to techno raves on campus, DJs are spinning and mixing and recording for audiences young and old. It would not be a stretch to say that DJs are the life of the party from Berlin to the Bahamas to Bejing. And now aspiring DJs can learn and hone their craft right here in Bethesda with some of the most important masters of the turntable and recording studio.

Dedicated to teaching all facets of being a DJ by combining traditional methods alongside the ever changing technology, the Beat Refinery is committed to developing the next great superstar DJ's. The Beat Refinery focuses on an in depth study and philosophy of music that until just recently would have taken years to achieve.“Whether novice or seasoned performer, there are a wide variety of programs to be mastered” said Stiles. “We believe that anyone of any race, gender, age, or demographic when properly developed, can accomplish what has become the music industry's choice profession. With an Instructional Staff of DC's most successful and accomplished DJ's, the Beat Refinery promises to provide an exciting addition for Bach to Rock.”

Both Stiles and Sadiarin have been long time DJs in the DC music scene, spinning at parties, clubs and across the spectrum of the nightlife scene for more than a decade.There are no better professionals to lead our DJ program than Stiles and Sadiarin. They are passionate about their art and know what it takes to master the technology. The Beat Refinery school perfectly complements and extends our recording technologies program.” 

Beat Refinery offers classes from turntabalism, to electronic music production and recording technologies and has levels for those wanting to become professionals to those who want to just mix party music for friends. Students begin with the basics and move from set up and controls to scratch techniques to advanced Serato and music theory. They learn production and editing techniques as well as the basics of choosing and organizing music for gigs. The program is for students of all ages who have a passion for music and want to make the DJ platform their instrument. DJs coming in with more experience can hone their skills with state of the art playing and recording equipment and try out new techniques and musical styles.

About the Directors

Chris StilesAlso known as DJ Stylus Chris has dedicated 20 years of his life pursuing a career in music. The foundation to his journey started with Hip Hop Culture. Dancing, DJing, Rhyming, and Studying the "break" has always been his passion. He realized that Funk, Soul, R & B, Jazz, Disco and Rock were the main components in Hip Hop. This helped him to discover and appreciate many forms of music. He was taught that a true B-boy could encompass all the elements of Hip Hop Culture. Influenced by some of the pioneers of DJing, Emceeing, and B-Boying, he practiced his techniques throughout his childhood. It was this philosophy that has lead him to where he is today.Making his way into the clubs at the age of 14, he fell in love with the nightlife, where he quickly started to pick up side jobs as a dancer and street promoter. As a DJ, he started doing house parties in the early 90's, then worked his way into the night clubs.In 1993, Chris landed his first major break as a b-boy dancer for the super group, Deee-lite. He moved up to New York City where he lived for 3 years. This experience allowed him to listen to and meet great DJ's, Dancers, and Musicians.Coming back to DC in 1996, Chris pursued his career as an MC and a DJ and started Pollen with some friends. This party helped to fuse the Hip Hop Culture with the Club and Rave Culture. Pollen brought many Worldwide Dj's to the list but, Sam Burns and Oso-Fresh along with Stylus Chris served as the purveyors of sound weekly. Soon, Dj's Dirty Hands and Tek-One created what many call the most prolific Hip Hop Party ever in DC, "Soul Camp". These parties are where Stylus Chris truly honed his skills as a Dj and MC.

In 1997, Chris joined the staff of the legendary record store 12" Dance Records as the Hip Hop Buyer. It was here where Chris met up with Jamal Reid to form the group Defined Print. They released their first ep in 1999 title "The Fine Print". Defined Print gained worldwide recognition with their follow up release "Rhymes Connect" in which the single titled "My Library" was used during ESPN's XGames in 2001. As an MC he has collaborated with the likes of 3 Levels of Genius, Fort Knox 5, Afrika Bambaataa, and Team Demoition. Also while at 12'' Dance Records, DMC, the Worldwide DJ Competition held annually, recruited Chris to host the Mid Atlantic Regionals, which led to hosting the 2003 US Championships. DJ Craze, A-Trak, Roc Raida, DJ Enferno, and Cash Money are just some of the names that performed at the regional DMC competitions.

In 2002, Chris joined up with a few partners to open, DJ Hut, Washington D.C.'s perennial Record store designed for DJ's by DJ's. Providing a service to the community has always been a passion for Chris. Grand Master Flash, Grand Wizard Theodore, DJ Babu, DJ Premier, Biz Markie, DJ Craze, and Afrika Bambaatta are just a few of the World Famous DJ's who would frequent the store.

In 2001 Stylus Chris started a weekly Friday residency at Modern, a gig he still continues today. You can hear him play Hip Hop, House, Downtempo, Funky Breaks, Soul, Jazz, R&B, Rock, Baltimore Club, 80's, Disco, and just about anything else. His Saturday night residency at Current Sushi has proven to be one of DC's hot spots frequented by local and national celebrities. Chris also works as the Washington Nationals Official Party DJ, while doing special events for corporate entities Adidas, Express, Snow Shoe Mountain Resort, along with various Charity Organizations. Chris has had monthly residencies in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay, and currently at Metro! in Roanoke, Virginia. You can find him regularly guest spotting in D.C. at such clubs as Fly Lounge, Josephine, Steve's Bar Room, The Park to name a few.

Brian SadiarinAlso known as DJ Geometrix, Brian is from the Washington, DC area. Five years ago he gave up his corporate day job as a computer programmer to pursue his passion for music and performing, but he's been a student of the DJ game since 1993 and has been working in the Washington DC nightlife scene in the last 10 years.

Born in 1978, music and DJ culture has been a part of Brian’s entire life. Some of his earliest memories as a child were of days listening to music with his mother at home. At an early age, Brian learned how to mix on turntables when his older brothers were mobile DJ’s in the Philippines during the 80’s. He would accompany them to their parties as the designated "record boy", at the same time, learning the importance of rocking a party with great song selections. Brian’s family then moved to the United States when he was ten years old, forcing his brothers to leave the turntables behind in the Philippines. Brian fell in love with hip-hop after discovering Yo! MTV Raps and in watching the likes of DJ Aladdin, DJ Scratch, Jam Master Jay, DJ Cash Money, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and DJ Premier rocking the turntables on TV, he knew that he wanted to be a DJ. In 1993, Brian’s father found an old Pyramid DJ mixer at a neighborhood garage sale, bought it for $5, hooked up an old belt drive turntable and a Sony Walkman into it, and DJ Geometrix was born.

DJ Geometrix began spinning at house parties, school events, and mobile gigs in the Northern Virginia area during his high school years in the 90’s. He made friends with a couple of DJ’s from high school who shared his passion for music and in 1998 alongside DJ Quixotic and DJ Sneek, they formed a DJ crew called The Trooperz Crew. A few more DJ’s joined the crew afterwards, among them Madonna’s tour DJ – DJ Enferno, World Champion DJ I-Dee, and The Original Oz. The Trooperz Crew helped DJ Geometrix sharpen his skills in scratching, beat juggling, and being an overall performer, and after practicing countless hours and studying many DJ videos, he decided to enter the DJ battle circuit. From 1998 to 2003, DJ Geometrix has won numerous DJ competitions, even making the national finals in major organizations such as DMC, ITF, Guitar Center, and Kool Mixx, and has also traveled the US performing in DJ showcases while earning the respect of his peers as a world reknowned turntablist.

DJ Geometrix’s success in the DJ battle scene got the attention of local nightclub promoters in Washington, DC and in 2000, he landed his first club residency at Cage Nightclub. Since then, he has been a staple in the DC nightlife scene, regularly performing and holding residencies at every major nightclub, including Love/Dream, Fur, Ibiza, Park, Ultra Bar, and many more to name. His hard work and creativity has earned him a place among Washington DC’s elite DJ’s, even being nominated as Best Hip-Hop/Rap DJ of the Year at the 2004 Wammies, the DC version of the Grammys. He has shared the stage with some of the industries' best including Diddy, Ice Cube, Fat Joe, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, KRS-One, Slick Rick, Doug E. Fresh, Gangstarr, EPMD, Wale, the legendary DJ Q-Bert, Grandmaster Roc Raida, and DMC World Champions DJ Craze & DJ A-Trak.

Outside of the Washington DC area, DJ Geometrix has found success as well and has been a featured performer at high profile events such as Winter Music Conference in Miami, Starscape in Baltimore, Tuner Bash After Dark in Seattle, and the Mountain Dew AST Tour in Baltimore. He has performed in nightclubs around the US, more recently DJ’ing a Red Bull New Years Eve party in Las Vegas. He’s even DJ’d out at sea, acting as the celebrity guest DJ on Royal Caribbean International’s Freedom class cruise ships. In 2003, he was named Breakthrough DJ of the Year by a nationwide publication called The Scene Magazine and has also been featured in various publications such as XLR8R, Best Events, DJ Times, URB, Tablist, Washington Post, Empire, City Paper, and Go Magazine. DJ Geometrix was also published in the book “ON THE RECORD: The Scratch Academy Guide”, which is the definitive DJ book, guiding readers through 40 years of music, creativity, and DJ culture. He is currently sponsored by RANE, Aerial7, dbmLabs, and Soy Clothing.