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Oct 27, 2023

Bach to Rock Teacher to Perform at the World Series

Nicole B2R Flower Mound sings at World Series

We are pleased to announce that Nicole, a voice and early childhood teacher from Bach to Rock Flower Mound, Texas has been selected to perform at the World Series. She will be delivering her rendition of “God Bless America” during the 7th inning stretch at game 2 on Saturday, October 28th.

About Nicole

Nicole began singing at a very young age, and her talent has only grown over the years. She has a rich history of performances, including the National Anthem at MLB, NCAA, and XFL games. Moreover, Nicole has been a prominent figure at various church events in her community. Outside of her professional life, Nicole has a keen interest in creativity, is married to her best friend Frazier, and has a fondness for pugs.

Securing the World Series Opportunity

In 2020, Nicole came across an audition for the national anthem and promptly submitted her application with a video of her performance. Due to unforeseen circumstances related to the global pandemic, there was a hiatus in her singing engagements. However, she resumed her performances in April 2021.

This upcoming event will be Nicole’s 15th appearance at the Ranger Stadium. She discusses the unique challenges presented by stadium acoustics and the significance of maintaining pace during such performances.

Nicole’s Experience at Bach to Rock

Nicole values her time at Bach to Rock, emphasizing the rapport she establishes with her students. She appreciates B2R’s approach to tailoring its curriculum to the individual aspirations of its students.

Advice for Aspiring Vocalists

Drawing from her extensive experience, Nicole offers sage advice to budding vocalists: resilience and self-authenticity are paramount.

Nicole shares, “Don’t be discouraged. Singing and performing come with their highs and lows, but always remain true to your unique voice. Age shouldn’t define your artistic journey.”

She underscores the importance of perseverance through the various challenges one might face and emphasizes that age should not be a determining factor in pursuing one’s aspirations.

We extend our best wishes to Nicole for her upcoming performance at the World Series. It is not only a significant achievement for her but also a reflection of the caliber of professional musicians associated with the Bach to Rock brand.