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May 23, 2023

Bach to Rock Music School Announces Newest Franchisee Profile

Introducing Bach to Rock Music School, Leawood, KS: Where Five Years of Detours Didn’t Stop Dave & Angela Hill from Reaching Their Dream


Angela & Dave Hill, Bach to Rock Leawood, KS
Angela & Dave Hill, Bach to Rock Leawood, KS

Bach to Rock, America’s music school for students of all ages, today is introducing the newest franchisee profile in its series which highlights the hardworking owners backstage at Bach to Rock music schools across the country. Bach to Rock is taking a closer look at owners’ origin stories to offer insight into the many paths to entrepreneurship and honor the personal commitment of Bach to Rock franchisees.  The second profile features Dave and Angela Hill, whose journey to Bach to Rock school ownership in Leawood, Kansas didn’t materialize overnight; it evolved over five years, but they kept their goal in sight, knowing that independence and entrepreneurship through Bach to Rock would be the ultimate reward.

The profiles spotlight the outstanding work and dedication of Bach to Rock franchisees and share how and why they became franchisees. “Dave and Angela Hill, the franchisees of our Leawood, Kansas school, were unwavering in their pursuit of Bach to Rock ownership. Their journey took them to Florida, Indianapolis, and finally the Kansas City area until they found a perfect location that aligned with Dave’s radio industry career and where they wanted to raise their children,” said Brian Gross, President of Bach to Rock.  “Dave and Angela’s persistence and quest of their dream is very inspiring, and we felt it was important to share.”

In 2017, the Hills began looking for an investment for their family’s future and a business that they genuinely cared about. After hearing about Bach to Rock from Rick Schmidt, a business colleague of Dave’s and owner of two Bach to Rock schools in Florida, Dave hopped on a plane to visit the Tampa location. After a day spent immersing himself in the school, Dave knew Bach to Rock was exactly what he and Angela sought.  They had the music industry know-how, marketing and sales experience, and believed in the Bach to Rock mission. However, it took 5 years for their dream to come to fruition. Setbacks such as logistics, location conflicts and the pandemic presented roadblocks on their journey. Finally, in 2022, they opened their school in Leawood, Kansas, where Angela is the site director and manages all of the daily operations and Dave assists with marketing, branding, strategic planning, and social media. “We feel like we are an American success story,” said Angela. “We work very hard and are extremely dedicated to growing our school and giving back to our community by helping kids become musicians.”  The full profile is available here.