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Mar 02, 2021

Piano Lessons in Milton, GA

Piano Lessons

Do you live in Milton, Georgia? Are you looking for a fun and educational way to enhance your life? Look no further. Bach to Rock Alpharetta is the premier music school just around the corner.

Piano lessons are the perfect starting place for musicians of all ages. Playing the piano improves math skills, builds discipline, and encourages creativity. Not to mention playing the piano is a ton of fun!

Here at Bach to Rock Alpharetta, we provide music lessons, group glass, camps, and parties that you will never forget! Our unique philosophy fosters quick progress and creativity utilizing music that you love and our proprietary curriculum that breaks learning music down for any skill level.

If you live in Milton, Georgia and you aren’t a part of our music community yet, please call or text us to schedule your free trial lesson or group class! 470-375-3960.

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Piano Lessons