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May 07, 2019

B2R Alpharetta Takes Home First Place In 1st Ever Battle Of The Bands!

Zero Vision

Winner – Zero Vision

On Saturday, May 4th, B2R Alpharetta and B2R Johns Creek hosted their very first B2R Battle of the Bands in Georgia at Houck’s Grille, located off of Crabapple Road in Roswell. Over 100 attendees watched as our 12 student bands took the stage.

Masters of Ceremonies, Jennifer Gross (Director of B2R Alpharetta) and Andrew Mauro (Director of B2R Johns Creek), kicked off the event by welcoming newly formed bands from both schools to take the stage for their debut performance. Knights of Music, SuwanSythe Cool Kids, Trinity Queens, Else-World, Thunder Heart, and Boom Speaker did not compete in the battle but definitely set the tone for a dazzling event.

The competition was arbitrated by three judges: John Douglass, Lauran Hunt, and Zach Goodfellow. All of which came from very impressive musical backgrounds ranging from playing national tours, producing international works, and expansive teaching careers.

The battle had two major divisions:  Elementary School and Middle/High School.

Elementary School Division bands: Our Favorite Band, Big Kids Walkin’, 9 ¾, and Five Survivors.

Middle/High School Division bands: Crypt and Zero Vision

All bands gave a wonderful show filled with energy, charm, and confidence, however only two bands could take home the top prizes! B2R Alpharetta bands 9 ¾ (Hugh (guitar/voice), Liam (guitar), Jackson (bass), and Isabella (drums)) and Zero Vision (Reese (bass), Kylie (voice), and Alek (guitar)) placed first in their divisions. Runner ups: Big Kids Walkin’ and Crypt.

All of our bands received fantastic feedback and support from the judges, audience, staff and patrons of Houck’s Grille.

One of the judges commented: “I cannot believe these are kids who have only playing together for a matter of months. Just incredible!”

A staff member of Houck’s stated: “This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. I wish this was around when I was a child”

On behalf of B2R Alpharetta and B2R Johns Creek, we would like to thank Houck’s Grille for hosting the event, all the parents and patrons who attended this event, and our B2R staff.

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our bands for taking the stage, we are so incredibly proud of you all!

9 & 3/4

Winner – 9 & 3/4



Our Favorite Band

Our Favorite Band