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Nov 21, 2023

Ava Loves Being Able to Learn Her Favorite Songs at Bach to Rock

Ava and her teacher take a break from lessons for a quick pic!
Ava and her teacher take a break from lessons for a quick pic!

Ava S. takes violin and guitar lessons. “Playing the songs I like” is what she exclaimed when asked to share her favorite thing about Bach to Rock! And that’s what makes Bach to Rock so special. Kids like Ava get to play their favorite songs. There’s no higher praise, especially from a 12-year-old who is learning a new instrument!

Ava wanted to learn how to play the violin and her mom, Maria, chose Bach to Rock because it was the perfect fit. The location, flexible schedule, welcoming environment and variety of classes were exactly what Maria was seeking.

Maria shared, “The learning experience has always been positive and encouraging.  The teachers make it fun for Ava.”  Maria noted that Ava has a much better understanding of music since attending Bach to Rock. Maria added, “Bach to Rock has been a great and rewarding experience for my daughter!”

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