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Dec 05, 2019

Instructor Spotlight – Ella B

Gabriela (Ella) B.

Gabriela (Ella) B. has been teaching at Bach to Rock since July. Originally from New Jersey, her passion for music began when she started playing piano at 4 years old. During her time in high school, her passion for music grew as she began singing in her school’s choirs and became a lead singer for a rock band. Throughout her time in the band, she was able to experience numerous professional performances, and a chance to record an EP.

She continued to pursue voice at Elmhurst College, and graduated in 2016 with a Music Business degree. Ella has been trained in classical, musical theatre, and jazz vocals. In addition, she has performed behind Andrea Bocelli during two of his world tours, featured in the Emmy nominated PBS special “The Christmas Carol,” and part of the ensemble in “Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses.” She also volunteers as a music director during the annual musical theatre production at her church.

Why do you teach music? What motivates you to continue?

My motivation is when my students finally understand a difficult concept and can apply it to everything they play/learn moving forward. I think helping students learn these tough concepts and molding them into a musician at any age is why I’m so passionate about teaching music. It reminds me of my time taking lessons as a kid, and I want to be able to give that back somehow!

Gabriela (Ella) B.

What are your goals in the music industry? Long term and short term.

My goal is to be immersed in the industry full time between lessons and performance opportunities. I’ve also thought about potentially creating a method book from all my experience in teaching!

How had Bach to Rock helped you move closer to achieving these goals? What are your thoughts on our school?

As a teacher at Bach to Rock, I love how I can incorporate my method of teaching with the unique curriculum. The B2R curriculum makes musical concepts relatable for my students! B2R also provides opportunities for their teachers. So far, I’ve been able to be part of a band with some other teachers and have helped with expanding the curriculum.

Define your view of success and failure.

In my experience, success and failure come hand in hand. They each teach you some valuable lessons, but do not define you as a person. In our society today, we work so hard to maintain this successful image, but we leave out the trials and tribulations that get us to those moments. It’s okay to fail sometimes…it’s part of life!

Gabriela (Ella) B.

Who are some of your musical influences? Favorite artists?

I have a variety of musical influences for both piano and voice including Regina Spektor, Alicia Keys, Billie Eilish, Kelly Clarkson, Evenescence, Heart, Ella Fitzgerald, Chopin, and Mozart.

I’m always checking out new music too. Currently I’ve been listening to a lot of LoFi Hip Hop Beats to help work on my improv skills on piano!

Describe your best memory(ies) at Bach to Rock.

Some of my favorite moments at Bach to Rock have been talking to some of the other teachers either before or in between lessons. We all get along well so whenever I need some advice about teaching or just want to pick their brain on some music concepts, I know I have that support system at the school. We’re lucky to have that!

One specific memory was having my very first student at B2R. I was a little nervous because she was my first private lesson student ever, but she was the sweetest kid! She was from out of town so unfortunately, I didn’t have a lot of time with her, but I learned so much about myself as a teacher during that short amount of time. At her last lesson, we took a picture together and then she hugged me before she left. It was the best first student I could’ve ever had!