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Dec 05, 2019

5 Reasons Why Winter Camp Is Great For Kids!

Winter Camp

Are you looking at your options for the kids’ Winter Break activities? Here’s your best bet, get them in Winter Camp ASAP! With a variety of great reasons why you should, we partnered with local mothers to gather the top 5 reasons you need to enroll your children in Winter Camp today!


Learn A New Instrument In A Group Setting and Find Your Passion!

Camps are an awesome way to get a crash course in a new instrument so that your child can discover their passion! It’s not a big commitment, but it has BIG value! A few days of concentrated instruction and practical application of a new instrument could help your child find their next biggest talent and allow them the benefits of learning in a group setting! Learning with other kids allows them to share ideas and help each other.

It Provides Entertainment During Holiday Break! No Bored Kids.

Camps are tons of fun! There’s nothing worse than a bored child who’s just looking for something to do. Why not give them beneficial entertainment over the break where they can not only rock out and have fun, but they can learn and grow?

Get A Taste Of What It’s Like To Be A Student At B2R!

Trying out camps gives you a good feel of what it’s like to be a student at Bach To Rock! You get to meet instructors and gain insight as to how we teach, and how we operate. You can see first hand how much we truly value a well rounded music education and making our students and parents happy!

Get A Chance To Make New Friends With The Same Interests!

Camps allow children to make friends with other children with the same interests. It can be difficult for children to find friends who have the same hobbies and passions. Yet, if they attend a music camp then it makes it much easier to do so! Common interests serve as a great foundation to friendships, especially at a young age, and can benefit them so much in the long run! Having the support of having friends with mutual pursuits is a very valuable asset!

Stand Out From The Crowd! Take Up A Unique Instrument Like DJ or Recording Arts!

It’s not super common that kids get to jam out on unique instruments such as DJ and Recording Arts. Because they are nontraditional instruments, it can be harder to find. Look no further! Come to camp at Bach To Rock and you can get started this winter! How cool is that? Ready to sign up ASAP?

Give us a call at 630-318-0312 and we’d be happy to get your child enrolled today!
Or sign up online with the link below!