About Us

Discover a love for music at Bach to Rock®! Our music center makes learning music fun for students of all ages and skill levels.

Music Center in Mamaroneck

At Bach to Rock Mamaroneck, our music center makes music fun for students of all ages and all skill levels!

With our curriculum, students enjoy a balance of private instruction, group practice, and live performance. We also encourage our students to choose which songs and genres they want to learn — from classical sonatas to heavy metal riffs to chart-topping pop hits.

This way, our students become well-rounded musicians and confident performers, each with their own unique sound!

About Our Music Center

Our music center takes a unique approach to music lessons, camps, and parties!

By letting students play the songs they love and encouraging group practice and performance, we make learning music more exciting and enjoyable. Our students also work with professional musicians and industry insiders, giving them a first-hand look at what it takes to be a great artist.

The result? Our students have more fun, learn more quickly, and gain confidence in their abilities as performers!

Our Method

At Bach to Rock Mamaroneck, our unique approach to music education sets us apart from other music centers.

Our curriculum combines one-on-one lessons with group practice in ensemble programs like Join a Band and Glee Club. We also encourage all of our students to perform at live events, like our Music Showcase and Battle of the Bands!

Best of all, students get to choose which songs and genres they want to play in lessons. Students can learn songs by artists they love, making lessons more fun and engaging!

Our Results

Bach to Rock music centers have earned raving fans and five-star reviews among parents and students across the U.S.! Our wide range of programs and flexible curriculum makes us a perfect choice for any music student.

We give toddlers, preschoolers, and young children a fun way to get started with music. We offer beginner-friendly classes and lessons for first-time musicians. We even work with skilled performers with years of experience who want to reach the next level!

Simply browse our testimonials and reviews from Bach to Rock Mamaroneck to see how effective and fun our programs are for students.

Meet Our Music Teachers

A great music teacher can make a world of difference when learning to sing or play an instrument.

At Bach to Rock, our instructors include a mix of classically trained musicians and working professionals. Our teachers actively tour, perform, and record as independent artists or as backing musicians for other musicians and bands.

By working closely with students in one-on-one lessons, our teachers make it easy to learn music and build performance skills!

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Our online registration includes scheduling and pricing for all of our programs, offering an easy way to enroll at our music school. We also welcome registration in-person or over the phone!

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