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Unleash your talents in a Bach to Rock® band! Our band program includes coaching from real musicians and performances at live events!

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Join a Band at Bach to Rock

Birthday PartiesAs a musician, there’s nothing like playing as part of a band! At Bach to Rock, we strongly encourage student musicians to perform with other artists. In our band program, students can practice with peers of the same skill level, receive coaching from experienced musicians, and perform on-stage at Bach to Rock events!

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What Parents & Students Love About Bach to Rock

  1. Joining A Band: Students love the experience of playing in a band, and parents love watching their children build social skills, self-esteem, and lasting friendships.
  2. Learning With Ease: Learning an instrument is fast and easy with our tried and true method. B2R students are motivated to keep learning the music they love!
  3. Staying In Touch: Our online portal makes it easy for parents to keep up with progress reports, teacher’s assignments, music libraries, and lesson schedules.

About Our Bands

Our band program allows kids to get creative, socialize and build confidence on stage. They learn valuable skills in teamwork, leadership and communication. Class duration ranges from 30 to 60 minutes.

Each student is placed in a band with peers of a similar age and skill level. When signing up, two or more students can request to be part of the same band, giving friends the chance to play together. We also allow existing bands to sign up as a group and get coaching from pro musicians!

All of our bands get the chance to perform at Bach to Rock events, like Battle of the Bands and Bachapalooza. This way, bands gain on-stage experience in front of live audiences and learn what it’s like to play local music venues.

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Camps, Parties and More…

In addition to our lessons and classes, Bach to rock offers seasonal camps, birthday parties and each location includes a state-of-the-art recording studio and performance space. We hold regular events in the community throughout the year such as Battle of the Bands, Music Showcase and Bachapalooza. Learning to play music should be fun. It’s called ‘play’ for a reason!

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"Back to Rock offers a wide range of offerings, in an amazing facility, and by an incredibly friendly staff! I would recommend Bach to Rock to anyone I know. I love the positive encouragement my son receives at every lesson. We are so happy to be a part of the Bach to Rock family."

"Finding B2R was pure serendipity. Soon after we discovered B2R, we brought our grandson to see if he might like it. We enjoy music, and play various instruments, so we thought he might enjoy it as well. After his first class, he came running out to the waiting room & exclaimed, 'I loved it, Nannee. When can I come back?' We asked his parents for their permission & signed him right up! He looks forward to his class each week."

"All the teachers I met are awesome and work with all the kids and parents. Everyone is super helpful with any concerns and really understanding. My kids genuinely enjoy and want to come to class, even when it seems like they are having a hard time focusing. At home they talk about what they learned and have a positive attitude towards music and learning more."