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May 23, 2024

Parents Looking for Innovative and Fun Summer Camps Turn to Bach to Rock Music School

Summer CampsCamps like “Rock Band,” “DJ Camp” & “Glee Club” Keep Parents and Kids Happy.

Bach to Rock, America’s music school for students of all ages, is announcing its summer camp lineup for parents seeking to enrich their kids’ summers and keep them busy at the same time. Bach to Rock’s fifty-seven schools across the country will be filled with the joyful sounds of music from happy campers as they join in summer camps such as “Rock Band,” “Glee Club,” “Beat Making,” and more. Bach to Rock camps teach children how fun it is to be on stage and perform with other kids, not just how to play songs from a book. Kids with no prior music experience (even those who have never picked up an instrument before) can come to camp, learn to play in a band, and give a performance at the end of the week for their parents. Enrollment is open now and through the summer months. Weekly, day, or half-day camps are available, based on the Bach to Rock school location.

“Kids learn top hits by their favorite popular music artists, which makes the experience so much more fun. Our camps show kids how to explore their musical passions and express themselves,” said Brian Gross, President of Bach to Rock. Music camps are an ideal way to introduce music to kids who have never taken lessons before but may be curious or have a budding talent. “Our summer music camps provide a much-needed creative outlet for kids. After working in school all year, they deserve a break. What we provide helps all kids stretch and build their creative muscles,” continued Gross.

Parents can feel good about sending their children to Bach to Rock summer camps for several reasons. Bach to Rock’s music camps fill kids’ days with an enriching activity, help limit screen time, encourage new friendships, and build memories. Bach to Rock’s teachers lead the camps, providing professional instruction and guidance. Students with no previous musical training will be rocking out with a band in just a few hours thanks to Bach to Rock’s modern approach. Bands and groups are coordinated by age, grade and/or ability level. Bands or group ensembles learn a variety of classic rock and current pop songs, and even compose original music. At the same time, music camps are an excellent way for current students to stay active with their instrument during the summer, or even try out a new one to complement their skills. All students record their music in Bach to Rock’s state-of-the-art studios, perform in a concert, and leave with a recording at the end of camp.