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Jan 12, 2018

B2R Rocklin Student in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s School of Rock Musical

<p>When Carson came in to audition for band at Bach to Rock in Rocklin, California, he looked the part of a rock star. Wearing a black sports coat and dawning a grey fedora he quietly situated himself at the piano, adjusted his mic, and started. He played a number of tunes, singing and accompanying himself. He sang Elton John and many other beautiful tunes. He also dazzled us with his pedagogy skills playing a number of classical tunes. Needless to say, Carson was accepted into the band. But he didn’t stop there. Carson began learning guitar and quickly learned the basics graduating to level two. At the same time, Carson defied odds and auditioned for the School of Rock musical in Rocklin and won the main piano part, 2 years younger than the minimum cut off! After finishing his local gig, he decided to shoot for the stars. He auditioned for Andrew Lloyd Weber’s School of Rock and won a part! He is currently touring in the East and will arrive back for a performance in San Francisco tentatively in June 2018!</p>
<p>   <img decoding= Bach to Rock Rocklin Student in School of Rock Musical Bach to Rock Rocklin Student in School of Rock Musical